Yi Ultra 2.7K Dashcam Review

A review of the Xiaoyi Yi Ultra 2.7K dashcam – includes sample clips.
UPDATE – £35 off until 26 November 2017
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Downloadable Sample Clips:

Beginners Guide to dash cams

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Q) What car are you driving
A) An eleven year old Smart Roadster Coupe

Q) What happened to (Insert car here)
A) We own two cars, a BMW Mini & a Smart Roadster Coupe

Q) You’re pronouncing Yi wrong, it’s pronounced eee
A) Take that one up with Yi, they pronounce it the same way I do, you can see this in their promo video

Q) What is the SD card format?
A) Windows reports it as FAT32 (with errors), Mac OS can’t read it at all. A 64GB card formatted by a dashcam will often be ex-FAT, so it appears it’s a custom format…or something else odd is occurring.
The camera formats the card whenever an unused card is first inserted…you can see this taking place at the start of the video. It also recommends that you format the card if you re-set the time (I noticed this when moving the clock back an hour). The wheres and whyfores of the precise formatting system used by the camera aren’t what’s important, it’s how that may or may not affect the user. So to sum it up again – if you have a Windows PC you’re fine and if you only use the WiFi app you’re fine…but if you only have a Mac you can’t read the SD card natively.

Q) These High Endurance SD cards are a con.
A) Hold your horses there old chap – as I said in the video, buy whatever SD card you want – however you should be aware that some SD card manufacturers (Samsung & Sandisk are two of them) now state that their non-endurance SD card warranties will be invalidated if the card was used in a dashcam. Now listen up….don’t get all up in my grill about this – it’s just information, it’s not opinion….it’s a fact I’m passing on to be helpful. If you want an argument about this contact Samsung…I have no horse in this race.

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  1. Ray Jim

    I still wonder if "collision sensitivity" is used accurately in dash cams. Low sensitivity should require a high force hit to activate it, and vice versa, but it's the kind of thing where people get the logic mixed up, especially when translations are involved. So "Sensitivity: high" could mean only activates on high impact. I should really get round to doing some tests, but I prefer hitting a button myself anyway.

  2. Angela McMahon

    Just got one of these, sadly quality nothing like the video. Number plates unreadable, especially at night. Returning the item tomorrow.

  3. Luis Costa

    Just tried out this camera, such a disapointment.
    Worst image quality than my ancient Mobius action cam….
    108060 looks atrocious, like something from a 10 year old mobile phone.

  4. madmax01992

    cheers for this review, I was in the market of getting a dashcam of some sort. I've been keeping my eye on this, and today it was in a flash deal, got it for £64 😀

  5. styloroc2000

    Just bought one; they've been going for about $75 new on and off for the past 2 weeks on US Amazon; the 1080p version is going for $35.

  6. AstroFazersPlaylist

    I'm looking for some discrete dual cam, like "Koonlung K1S" (I had this one but it was just crap, but had smart discrete construction which I liked). Most dash cams manufactures seems to put at there main point of honour to display their huge cameras on the windscreen, I'm always afraid that this is just an invitation for thefts. Since I was hit by other driver in the back of my car and my small mobius was recording only front so did not help at all, I feel need to have dual cam which is also "stealth".

  7. markoalex7

    I regret SO MUCH buying this camera. Image quality is absolutely atrocius: grainy and blurry. I cannot understand how Techmoan is considering replacing a Viofo A119 with this. Wi-Fi gimmick is nice but the app is a complete mess, and works very differently (worse) with Internation version cameras than with the Chinese version. For instance, it doesn't let you look for any new firmwares (which this camera desperately needs) and with my camera the live stream is totally broken.
    Also, footage at 30 fps is 26 at most. I counted the frames myself several times and it definitely skips some.
    If you read this, don't make our mistake and go for the Viofo A119 or A119S!!!

  8. Maxim Khasiev

    First of, great review! Thanks a lot! The thing I wanted to ask you is, this little new Yi is quite similar to DDpai M6 Plus price wise. Which one of these 2 would you prefer? Or is there a third option?

  9. Raymond Gascoyne

    Hi, I've just installed a Thinkware F770 in my car. The videos record in one minute clips. When played back on my PC there is a distinct black frame between each clip.  Is there a way of eradicating the black frames to make the videos seamless; as yours are?  By the way; Love your videos; they have been very helpful!………..Ray

  10. Billy Fagan

    There's a deal on Amazon at the moment for these, they're £15 off but there's an additional Prime offer of another £28 off. I picked one up for £61.99 yesterday and really wish I'd grabbed a couple more of them. Same link as in the description.

  11. MissAnalyn

    PLEASE READ: Can the mounting move from side to side or 360degrees in case you want to capture moments happening on the side of the car??

  12. Roger Allison-Jones

    After watching this video I bought one of these from a Chinese seller on EBAY. I was very pleased with the build quality and the accessories, but unfortunately my model has unacceptable video quality, due to the lens being poorly focused. The leather grain on the dashboard is in clear, sharp focus, but anything further than the end of the bonnet is out of focus. I have googled for more information and find that this seemed to be a fairly common problem with the model before the "Ultra", but seems to be also present on this, later model. I have notified the seller about the problem and await a reply. I'll post any results.

  13. Newton Washinton

    I have a question, I do not have a smart phone, i want a 360 camera, adhesive mount, good video and night vision with parking watch, what camera will work for me? i do have a laptop computer.

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