Yi Home Camera 2 1080p Security Camera Review

Looking for a solid more budget friendly wifi connected home security camera? Yi has you covered.

Yi Home Camera 2 1080p Security Camera:

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  1. Schneider Stark

    so, can I check the camera from a different network? I'm not talking about notifications, but just a regular manual check from a remote place different than the place the camera is set in (work, office for example)

  2. Justine Daniel Nunag

    Goodday. Is it possible if i can connect the camera on usa?then can i still be connected if i will send the camera to the philippines? km planning to get one but im still on doubt if i can still use the camera if i will send it to the philippines

  3. Olorunfemi Joe

    Does it delete the sd card when it’s full automatically? And can you watch a live footage while you’re away without the subscription.

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