Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Review – Intel 8th Gen Quad Core

Lisa Gade reviews the Pro version in the Xiaomi Notebook line with a classy and very well put together 15.6” aluminum chassis, Intel Core i5-8250U quad core 15 watt 8th gen CPU and NVIDIA MX150 2GB GDDR5 graphics. It has a backlit keyboard, large trackpad with fingerprint sensor for Windows Hello and a full HD gloss IPS non-touch display. The Ultrabook weights 1.9 kg / 4.2 lb. and is 15.5mm thick.
** Get it here on GearBest: and use our coupon code MIBOOKPRO to get it for $885.99 through Dec. 1, 2017.**
The laptop is sold by importers like GearBest who provided our unit. It ships with Windows 10 Home edition in Chinese, so be prepared to download install Windows 10 in your preferred language via a USB drive.

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  1. Jotham Goh

    Great review, I am looking to get this. Could you confirm that the extra SSD slot is just Sata 3? There are some people saying it does indeed support PCIe. Would love to know!

  2. Lim Wannaphahoon

    are you sure about installing an english version of windows? I heard for the xiaomi notebook air. You do have to purchase a windows pro upgrades before being about to do so?

  3. César Silva

    Just Bought one of these, here in Brazil its half the price of a Macbook Pro of similar specs + has dedicated GPU.
    Its a no brainer!

  4. Vivek Yadav

    Always informative review from you! Why haven't you reviewed hp elitebook x360? How you missed it? Looking eagerly to get it reviewed by you soon!

  5. Agga Viriyo

    Hi there, Lisa! I'm a huge fans of you! Love the videos you make. I got a quetion for you, I have $1200 to spend on a laptop with sleek design, powerful cpu, a discrete gpu (940mx or mx150 is good enough for me), yet portable (under 2 kg). Do you have any thought? Thanks in advance!!

  6. Emiliano Bolesani

    How's battery life? I read several found the 15 inch lacking of battery life I mean, dramatically. I was looking for a nice all-round 15 ich laptop, the new spectre 15 x360 has all the checks (full TB connection above all) but I'm pretty sure I won't need the touch nor the x360

  7. Ali hadi shujaie

    I made an order for xiaomi notebook pro after I payed they send me this I don't know sent them this document or no
    Dear Ali,

    Thank you for your order with Gearbest. Your transaction is now on hold and being reviewed for Gearbest Payment Approval Process.
    This is a standard process of payment safety review. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. For more information please read Gearbest Payment Verification.

    Please help to provide the requested documents for completing this transaction review.
    Note: To make your attachments clear to read and ensure a smooth process, please kindly provide files no more than 5MB in the following supported formats: jpg, png, gif, bmp, doc, xls, txt, ppt, pdf.

    We need the following information:
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    – If you feel uncomfortable providing a hard copy, please alternatively provide a credit card statement.

    – Proof of identity showing the name of credit card holder. This can be in the form of residence card, drivers license, or other legal government documents.
    – If you feel uncomfortable providing proof of identity, please alternatively provide a proof of address, such as a bill statement from the last 3 months for water, electricity or mobile.

    We guarantee all documents you provide will be deleted once the payment process is approved, and will not be shared with any third party.
    For more information please read about our Privacy Policy.

    Please kindly reply to us within 24Hs. Gearbest will ship your items as soon as payment verification is complete.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
    Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

    Best Regards,
    Gearbest Payment Review Agent
    просят (для моей же безопасности) предоставить магазину GearBest.com копию моего паспорта и фото моей карты с которой я оплачивал заказ. И это очень странно, т.к. заказ я оплачивал через viza картой.

  8. Nhi Vũ

    Did anyone use this Mi note pro for a long term yet? It's quality good or bad? This is my first time I buy a laptop to do graphic design so I really confuse ^^" Please give me your comment. Thank you <3

  9. Ramon Schepers

    They better could've gone for a AMD ryzen 2700u for same performance with less TDP, thus longer battery life on a single charge

  10. preston richards

    If the laptop can stay under 75°c and stay quiet under load considering the underpowered components. It will be perfect.

  11. Paolo Petrozzi

    Hi Lisa. How can I know if it can run a 3440 x 1440 or a 3840 x 2160 monitor?
    And two FHD monitors? Thanks for the nice review.

  12. Rock Star

    Can anybody plz tell me asap if it possible to upgrade the ram later? or is it soldered? I want to buy the i5 8gb ram now and upgrade to 16 gb later.I'm buying it as soon as i confirm that.

  13. Seth Clayburn

    You should do a step by step video on how to wipe and install windows 10 on this laptop.. not only will it be it much appreciated but see how many people view and buy the Laptop including myself.. Thanks

  14. GHOSTRIDER5666

    I received a DOA Mi Notebook Pro on Monday, November 27 and all I'm getting is the runaround. I recommend to stay clear of this company. 24/7 support is a joke, more like no support.

  15. Frederik Gottwald

    Since this comparison is made all the time: It superficially resembles a Macbook, but the construction isn't anywhere near as premium. Some shops market it as an aluminium unibody, but that is incorrect – panels on an internal frame.

    With solid components, stylish and well-built devices that don't drive the price up with "excessive" design details, Xiaomi delivers something attractive to me. But I want a sensible compromise that still feels nice to use; pretensions to luxury are just that.

  16. Mircea Caraiman

    Alright, I bought this laptop. It is fine, well built, good screen, no backlight bleed (incredible, yes), robust, build quality almost as good as macbook. Then there's the keyboard, which is all praised by reviewers. Alright, it is the absolute worst keyboard I laid my hands upon. It is so bad, I almost regret buying the laptop, and I would have never though I would say this. I was watching reviews of laptops in the past, trying to decide on what to buy, and man, I always skipped the "keyboard review" as it was (imo) so unimportant, because come on, how bad and unforgiving can it be? Oh, this is bad, it is real bad. I misstype .. everything? Then when I do actually hit a key (and not the stupid space between the keys – why is that there, by the way?), it is so ABRUPT and annoying, I feel i would just get a hammer and smash it. The keys feel CLICKY. Like, it has 2 positions: up and down. Just like a mouse click. They say the key has 1.5mm travel? Huh? It feels like no travel. I have checked out ultrabooks in the past, they were ALL, i mean ALL, better. Another pretty bad one was the yoga one, as I would also misstype a lot. But not as much as this, and it wasn't such an UNNSATISFYING click. And when a key is pressed, it is actually lower than the deck. So there is NO pressing half of the key. Oh no, you have to hit it just right. Then the keys. are spaced. WHY? it seems to be more spaced than a traditional, desktop, standalone keyboard. WHY? Bad. Bad. Bad. Very bad. I am actually thinking of selling the laptop because I just cannot stand this, and I am amazed of how much it can annoy me. It scares me. Do I have a problem?

  17. Adarsh Suraj

    Hey…please check this link https://bbs.xiaomi.cn/t-13986845 for bios update to increase ssd speed. Also please check the batter power consumption or battery usage limit after doing the update. I think that giving the ssd the full potential may reduce battery performance but how much will it effect… Please do reply…. Thank you and your video are great.. keep up the good work..

  18. Behind The Curtain

    Wanted to buy this, bought the Macbook Pro, disappointed, should have bought this :'D.
    MBP is good and all, but very limiting in terms of programs available, can't even play old games with a friend

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