Xbox One X Sneaky SOLD OUT Trick + Meet Sexy Dumbledore + Kickstarter Takes on Patreon – The Know

Xbox One X is selling well in some regions, but found a sneaky way to get around low numbers in Japan. The next Fantastic Beasts movie has been unveiled and Dumbledore’s looking pretty hot these days. Kickstarter is taking on Patreon with monthly subscriptions and a feature that might give it the edge it needs.

Written By: Brian Gaar, Eddy Rivas, and Eric Vespe
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins

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  1. Hollow Fragment

    Don't buy the Destiny 2 ""Expansion"" it's probably content held back on purpose and it's probably lazy missions with no depth.

  2. Death OfTime

    lol. samilar thing can be said of "casinos aren't gambling". you can get the same result just by investing time. they aren't necessary to increase ones "loot".

  3. darkz1820

    no …… i didin't think they would add new light level in the destiny dlc like the first one …..

    i figured it was gonna be like that so i didn't buy it all

  4. V-LIFE TV

    That’s because those Japanese nerds only want to buy brands from their country. We should do the same here in the US and then their country would go broke 🙂

  5. Ollie Topps

    Why is overwatch under fire? 1: they are cosmetics. 2: u get 1 upon leveling up and up to 3 from arcade games. 3: they fixed the lootboxes so that ur more likely to get something you don't have

  6. Matthew P.

    The first story isn't about Xbox doing poor sales in Japan. It's about the sneaky trick Microsoft pulled so that they could say "it sold out!" The story is "deceptive marketing from microsoft."

  7. MicrowavableToast

    Then explain if this quote would work out in court:
    "The Slot Machine is not gambling. A person's ability to earn money is not dependent on playing with Slot Machines. People can use slot machines with the money they have earned and are not forced to do so. Once played, people are guaranteed to get some sort of prize, be it a hundred dollars, ten dollars, a penny, or a small pebble."

    Would that argument stand for a lottery? Slot machine? No EA. It's gambling.

  8. Joshua Price

    Loot boxes/crates simulate a gambling experience, the only reason it's technically not gambling is because the user cannot profit directly (tho there are ways around this). Since they are simulated gambling they should be listed on the ESRB rating for parents to know what is in the game.

  9. Game Sharky

    Did anyone notice that Anita Sarkeesian was one of the "creators" in closed access of the "Drip" platform. I looked into the others on that list and they look super sketchy to me.

  10. John F

    @ The Know There is plenty of word on a Marvel Heroes Omega timeline and a simple look over the forums will tell you about the focused chaos (PC was focused onto a set of points, having watched the bad turns the company took and tried to correct them, console was just chaos having no background with what was happening and left to their own devices) and the directions the company took. One of the biggest was a change of leadership and allegations in regards to the current CEO of Gazillion are numerous and very well founded with a number of public criminal and civil filings as well as the reviews on the company's GlassDoor page. One of the company's largest issues about the game was its lack of advertising and they decided to try everything else in the world to change the game and get new players EXCEPT to actually advertise. The PC community was very close and very heartbroken watching these things happen to the game it loved and there was even a campaign to get Disney/Marvel to step in and take the reigns of the game back. There an entire video's worth of information just over this one topic in and of itself.

  11. razz56rob1

    Didn't realize this show had anything to do with rooster teeth ugh I like this show good job just hated red vs blue. Last time I tried watching it was back when halo was good and it seemed like a little skit or show for 5-9 year olds

  12. razz56rob1

    Heard marvel hero's is getting shut down at the end of December. Not surprised if Vita out sold Xbox x in Japan. Vita still holds up well with new games (some of them good) still coming out in Japan

  13. razz56rob1

    A lot of people just buy the cheapest console that has the games on it that they want to play or what friends have not caring how it plays and runs so it doesn't mean which one is better

  14. Jarrett R.K.

    If you can believe it, I know a DJ and content creator in his 20's (though not for much longer) who has never heard of Patreon nor Kickstarter.

    Mentioned this to him and his investor and got strange looks. Like wtf are you two serious?

  15. Jay Dub

    The "new raid lair" on the leviathan is really disappointing to me. My only gripe with D2 (so far) is that I jus really didn't like the raid. I don't like any of the fights or rooms, I don't like how it looks, I don't like the stuff you get to shoot at. My gut wrenched when I read about it….more leviathan.

  16. RBG section

    why are people so supersized that skyrim runs on the switch skyrim is not 6 years old running on fallout 3's engine not really that supersizing

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