Xbox One X Review: 4K HDR Gaming

On The New Screen Savers, Leo Laporte and Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ check out the new Xbox One X. Samit Sarkar, Senior Reporter from Polygon joins us to talk about gaming in 4k HDR, how it compares to the PS4 Pro, and if it’s worth it without a 4K TV.

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  1. Fla-bushcraft Prepper

    4K is either 4K UHD/UHDTV1 or 4K HD. Then comes 8K UHD and 8K Hd and then 12K/UHD and 12K HD.
    7680 X 4320 is 8K UHD also known as 8K SHV (Super Hi-Vision) and UHDTV2
    8192 X 4320 is 8K HD
    Many more Gaming Consoles will be coming out.
    CD and DVD Discs will be phased out
    Future Consoles will sync with your cell phones or tablets so you can use them as controllers for in game drones with the Console and also you will be able to copy a mini version of Console games to your cell phone to game on the go.

    We were working on a console game, that includes a leveling and resource management mini game on your hand held tech devices. This way you can level your character and send companions out on resource and item gathering missions with your phone from work. When you get home, sync your phone with the game on the console or PC at home and your character will gain the increased skills, items and resources, if your console was off the whole time.

    Then we started working on real time sync over the internet, so you can have more full game choices on your hand held device, like authorizing your character to AFK assist friends who are gaming. You are at work, but your character in game becomes an NPC to go on missions with family and friends to help them level and complete missions.

    While you are anywhere, with internet access(WIFI), or using your cellphones Data, you can change your characters weapons, armor, apply power ups and even change your characters formation location (taking the lead or setting up for supportive cover fire). If you have done the mission, the game knows where you went and what you did, this is why your NPC character can take lead to help someone who has not done it or is failing the mission over and over.

    There will be many new gaming consoles over the years with much more advanced video capabilities(8K HD and 12K HD), but also Artificial Intelligence for AFK Gaming Assist/Leveling/Resource Gathering and Companionship type relationships. Your in game character will be able to cross over to new games, as they come out, instead of creating a new character and level them all over again. They will retain skills and items from previous games. You will be building on their skill sets for new skills in the new game. A Long Way to Go with Consoles.

  2. hababacon

    XB1X internal HD is 5400 RPM, but has 128 mbs of cache. Sata connection moved from 3 gbps, to 6 gbps. I've seen information where the XB1X transfers data at 140 mbps compared to 110 mbps on XB1S.

  3. espartacos1

    This is a joke, a review shows the positive and negative and there's more negative things to say abut the xbox than good things, they promises true 4k uncompromized and the power of the cloud and directx12, they have no new games exclusive first party games nothing new in the past 8 months, no to mention all the studios Microsoft close and how much they have milked halo,gears of wars and forza, we want new ip and buying a 500 dollar xbox without any games is a bummer they must think we the consumers are stupid, the xbox1x suffers from its previous brother no content no future,this is just a money grab, also they said the escorpio edition sold out well amazon have them in Stock a lot of them

  4. Mikey C

    Trust the sony shills at Polygon to review the X from the perspective of someone who doesn't have a 4K TV.
    And they are flat out wrong about Gears 4 Horde mode running at 30 on the S. No. It runs at 60.
    NEVER use this fool on screensavers again.

  5. unboxing experience

    Please give any old xbox or ps4 for me because i enter many many giveaway in YouTube and subscribe 500 above YouTube channel no one is given the giveaways for me

  6. James Chong

    Forget console. If you want to play on your 4K tv in a recliner using a controller you can do that too with a PC for true 4K gaming. Plus over 6,000 games made their debut on Steam for pc last year which is way more than all console games combined. No console is worth its value. You don’t need a $2 or $3 thousand dollar pc either. You can build an equally valued pc and still get better quality game experience. PC also has a better upgrade path. You can upgrade parts here and there gradually over time. Console you have to wait for the next model.

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