Wireless controled telescope

I have mount conected via USB-EQdirect to laptop and controled with ASCOM drivers. Drivers are comunicating with SkyCharts software via EQMOD. Handcontroler is wireless gamepad:)

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  1. KingHaggis

    Cool, I'm going to do this this week, as soon as I get my EQDIR USB cable. Hope it works 🙂

    Nice telescope by the way. Is it a Skywatcher or a "Dark Star"? Mine is a Dark Star and has the exact same color.

  2. mirhaba - Vlastimil Vojáček já su fotograf

    @KingHaggis It's Skywatcher;) I think you gonna like it! It's really fun:) It just take more time to set up and align everything before observing..but it's worth it

  3. AstroRef68

    Wow love it this is what I need badly to avoid cold weather.
    can you make me a list exactly what i ieen including cables and how they need to be conected please.

  4. mirhaba - Vlastimil Vojáček já su fotograf

    @AstroRef68 Hi, this is my equipment: EQ6 SynTrek mount – connected to USB of my PC via EQDIRECT. On PC is installed ASCOM platform drivers + EQMOD software and PC planetarium compatible with EQMOD (i use SkyCharts). Wireless part is just any kind of wireless Gamepad 😉
    There is a EQMOD group on YAHOO with many useful informations… hope I helped a little…

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