Why Everybody’s Confused at Dies Irae

After watching the premiere of Dies Irae, it seems like quite a lot of people have quite a lot of questions about what they just watched. Why was Dies Irae episode 00 so confusing?

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  1. Soru98

    Honestly, I really enjoyed Episode 00. Yes, it was a bit confusing; but if you read some of the side-stories of "Dies Irae", it sets up how Reinhard becomes the fucked up villain be becomes in the VN. Yeah, they added things; and the pacing was a bit strange, but overall, it was definitely worth the hype in my opinion.

  2. Snake? Snake Snaake!!!

    The episode started good. But the ending is horrible developed. There was no context at all.
    Horrible episode, but i will use the rule of three episodes
    It give me vibes of fate stay night and hellsing ultimate.
    So we will see where this is going.

  3. sillycatsss

    i seriously still dun understand what is this anime abt, i mean after watching ep00 , it attracted me soo much tt i jus keep waiting for the eps to come … but since nw its ep2 already… im getting confuse …
    i meant its so different, i was attracted to the characters n storyline of 00 , but ep 1 onwards, charcters diff esp again is due to a gir;/lady … omg…im totally confse!!!!

  4. Franz Wersmith

    When you're a National socialist that is kind of a animfag and there is a anime about National Socialists…… Nazism Intensifies

  5. SpikeAnime

    It is so sad, that nearly no one who watched the Anime or read the novel, who the characters are, and what the anime actually promotes.
    The "blond guy" is basically the head of the council, which planned the holocaust. So one of the biggest assholes in history. Aaaaand in the Anime he is a likeable guy, and the fact that he killed millions of civillians is more seen as great. Fuck yeah, that makes sense.
    The show is actually illegal according to German law, so maybe it will get banned in my home country.

  6. Johey Jonsson

    Went into this episode only knowing that I like the previous work of Suwabe Junichi (Heydrich) and Toriumi Kousuke (Karl Krafft) and I loved it. Yes, it's confusing. Yes, they've used the names of some of the worst humanity has ever produced. No, I have no idea what will happen. I'm now just fresh from watching episode 4, and the prologue episode makes more and more sense. Many anime I've seen have episodes at the start that are very confusing until after you've seen the rest of the show (looking at you, Fate, and you, DN Angel)

  7. Nicolò Tosarello

    No dude, the problem IS in the animation. It's horrid, borderline unwatchable. Fuckin' Neo Yokyo had less off-model and stilted character. Try taking a look to the VN illustration and tell me if the character you see look like these…things. Also the movement is minimal and cause the model to go all wanky all the time… couple it with incompetent direction, average background and muted color palett and this is unrecocgnisable as DI. The story is not a problem if you ask me. Is heavily compressed but the gist is "Nazi dude gain aweaken superpower thanks to a mage"… for now you don't know the how, but still… not really confusing.

  8. matthew spence

    That’s also half of the name for an ancient Georgian Christian chant from the 1200’s it’s something about gods wrath and judging and destroying the human race.

  9. Karver Durane

    Episode zero was a prologue, introducing you to the antagonists.
    Ugh, I need to stop commenting during a video. I absolutely lost my sides at, "Fate/Stay Night clone." If anyone in these comments could please explain this to me I'd appreciate it, cus I'm noticing a distinct lack of, "people die when they are killed," in Dies Irae.

  10. Dr. Mystery

    When the person talking in the video, doesn't speak YouTube English "Uh huh, yea, got it, so that's how you make brownies" Thumbs up

  11. The Accursed Hunter01

    After watching the recent Funimation simuldub clip I had no idea what this was about. Then I saw the thumbnail and I'm like "OOOOOOH!!! Gigguk talked about this, it's Agame ka Hitler!"

  12. DarknessFlameDragon5

    My reactions:

    Episode 0: ?
    Episode 1: That's so interesting… and I stopped caring.
    Episode 2: confused, annoyed, dropped.

  13. Hina Chan

    Coming for someone who was ( weirdly) understanding what is going on without previously going through the novel

    So… to the point, because of the cast i have been waiting a year for this and i will try to explain what i know

    First : keywords ( my hobby of reading about mythology and religious practices is paying off)

    1) Vallaha : it is the nordic myth equivalent for middle earth .
    It has been believed that this is where soldiers who die in combat are cast to.

    2) Swastika : from the indian Svastika . In Buddhism it was believed that what we know know as a nazist symbol but inverted means the balance or harmony.

    Since the anime has a part set in WW||
    I think it is meant as the nazi symbol or implies to it .

    Now back to this time
    Seems that it is following the reincarnation pattern.
    First we have reinhard ( whose name is that of a high rank german soldier in real life)

    The story is revolving ( my theory never went through the novel ) around these soldiers which we know in real life as the german soldiers during ww2

    They are trying to rule the world again but are missing a few elements to go back to their previous glory .

    1 – sacrifices for the gate of " hell" to open .
    2- eventhough they are taking orders from the unknown karl kraft , the y are looking for someone to succeed him,

    That someone is Fuuji Ren .

    Now karl kraft from a real life historical point of view was an astrologer.
    In mid 1800's early 90' there was still the belief that astrology scientists could predict the future , thus what we see from Karl in ep 0

    Back to the story , everyone is somehow related reincarnation or descency wise , or the people themselves who using their powers still live . ( to the soldiers in ww2)
    Some say that the churches in germany did fund the war at some point so i am not going to spoil ( i looked around a bit ) and the church priest we are seeing does have such a role in helping the 'evil'

    Add some fantasy elements and spells , in the end as Ren fights the 'evil' reign trying to reform he will discover the whole story …

  14. Venomous Vince

    First episode of Dies Irae:

    Pretty much nothing happened but then the end of the episode seemed pretty hype.
    Maybe I'll watch the next episode? I dunno

    Wait did I see episode 0? I'm confused
    The one I saw had some dude and his sister just kinda hanging out and then nazi dudes appeared at the end

  15. Jay

    Thank you. I thought I was the only one confused. I've never read the manga or novel (don't really plan to, sorry). Animes usually have their own explaining, but this one doesn't. It seems to jump everywhere. When I think I know something, I'm wrong and I confused even more.

  16. Bruno Fenner

    Ok i watched episode 6 and i fell like someone threw a truck at me and ran me over with his bike.
    The great characters you tell about i do not find, only marie and the main charatcers friend got my interest the rest are some pseudonazi with no real character some empty forms. In this episode it got from mah to that is real bad. No explenation, thousand of terms which meaning i do not know and some action for action sake.
    They should have invested more money in the narrative and explanation of the story instead of the animation.

  17. Markos

    Episode 00 wasn't hard too hard to understand. It was somewhat of a origin story to the black table and Heidrich's rise to power. Where it becomes a head scratcher is when Heidrich suddenly goes from human to divine beast remembering the past in the blink of an eye. But if, like me, you've read the visual novel you can see that's simply a rushed conclusion for the anime. Heidrich like the rest of the table spent years with Karl learning the ways of sorcery before he ascended. However this rushing of things is what makes this anime bad. 1 path of dies irae is 50 hours not rushing and they're trying to shove a whole path into 12 30 minute episodes totaling 6 hours of content. It doesn't work. With this story one has to read the visual novel to fully understand the struggle, because the Anime cuts out oceans of context in favor of flash fight scenes.

  18. connermacd12

    I'm on episode six and holy shit does it make no sense, but I find it oddly enthralling, see I didn't watch episode 0, because I just randomly clicked on episode on one in the "Newly released" section of Watch Cartoons. It's for some reason captivating? But I find it hilarious how they just keep saying shit that makes now sense. I have numerous pictures I took of lines of dialogue that make now damn sense "The first Swastika has opened"
    But as it is? It seems to be interesting?
    Like it's keeping me intrigued.
    I guess
    I mean in episode 4 a random giant floating golden nazi skull palace appears, so that's a thing

  19. BeastPriest

    So would you say you could basically skip the Episode 0??
    I'v watched 5 min of Episode 0 and honestly was confused af.

    (Edit): I think im just gonna finish watching Episode 0 after iv watched the whole series :3

  20. Christopher Rommel

    I want to like it…but I’m very very lost. Sometimes he’s a normal teen and the next he’s jumping from roof top to roof top. Who is this blonde bombshell? How did these Germans arrive years later? Why do they want the main character to become stronger? Is it just for the sake of a challenge ? Hmm again I would love to enjoy but…throw me a bone guys.

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