Weekender: The World Of Godslayer On Kickstarter & Fun With Captain Sonar!

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Come and get stuck into The Weekender with us today as we’re looking at some awesome new models from Megalith Games for their Godslayer Kickstarter and much more.

We’ve got some great news to dive into this week as well and we’d love your feedback on everything we talk about on the show.

► CMON Expo

This weekend sees Dawn & Gianna at the CMON Expo. They are going to be talking to the crew behind loads of their awesome board, card and miniature games and getting the scoops on what’s new.

Make sure to get your comments in and ask them what you’d like to see covered.

► Game Of The Week: Captain Sonar

We take a look at Captain Sonar which we seriously need to get on camera for a Let’s Play soon. The game has two teams playing against each other to sink the opponent’s submarine.

It is a game which can be played in a Turn Based mode but we reckon this shines when you’ve got this going completely live with all of the madness and confusion of people shouting orders to each other.

► News

We dive into some news from this week…

● Leia Organa Expansion – A new expansion for Star Wars: Legion detailed
● Galactic Warzone Terrain – Some new Ready For Battle terrain is coming out soon from Gale Force Nine
● Blood Red Skies – Check out their newest wave of releases…and try and say all those numbers twice in a row!
● Blighted Ogruns – A whole range of new Legion characters and beasts have been added into the mix for May
● Escape The Dark Castle – Three Adventure Packs will be added to the game with a Kickstarter in June

What caught your eye from the news this week?

► The World Of Godslayer

We talk with David from Megalith Games to discuss the world of Godslayer which is currently on Kickstarter as they look for funding to get their new Starter Box AND loads of new sculpts onto the tabletop.

There are also some prizes up for grabs but we’ll tell you more about those in the show…

► Kickstarter

We have an update for you firstly from the world of Kickstarter…

● Hellboy: The Board Game – Head to Mexico with Hellboy as he fights alongside his Luchador buddies!

…and if that didn’t get you excited how about…

● Darwin’s Choice – Design your own weird creatures and help them survive against the odds
● Skull Tales: Full Sail – Experience a sprawling board game with voyaging, dungeon crawling and more…as pirates!

Which of these campaigns caught your eye?

► Competitions – Win Godslayer Goodies!

We have two winners to announce. If you heard your name in conjunction with the Ursus Bodyguard or Spirit Island competition then make sure to Claim Your Prize.

► This week we’re also giving away three prizes…

● 1x Two-Player Kickstarter Starter Set
● 1x Starter Box (Of Your Choice) + Rulebook
● 1x Starter Box (Of Your Choice + Rulebook

…so if the world of Godslayer has got you excited then you’ll want to listen out for how to win.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Daniel Lackenby

    I think I would like to see something based on the Japanese culture that reaches into preunification times: looking into how the inclusion of a Shinto like priesthood would effect them and the inclusion of cultures like the Ainu and Ryukyu. Every game reaches for Samurai and Ninjas when the Japanese come up and there is so much more to reach for. You could even mix it with later what ifs like what if the invasion of Korea was successfulor they had had better relationships and introduce a Hangokul sub faction.
    Yeah, I'd like to see that.

  2. LordkMoogat

    This game reminds me of the PC game Dominions! Love it. Would be cool to see a Zoroastrian faction from Mesopotamia.

  3. Helcarexe26

    Another great weekender and the miniatures Godslayer are really cool. I'd love to see the Norse mythos come to life.

  4. Obviously Derek

    Godslayer looks amazing. I'd love to see more greek stuff, the eqyptian mythology also has so many different gods, creatures, etc. The great thing with this game is there will be no lack of materials to pull from!!!! I just backed the kickstarter too. 🙂

  5. Brandon Rosell

    Pirate lore. Don't know much about it and I think a lot of people don't. It would be a good way to learn about pirate legends and add new depth to the godslayer game

  6. P Almer

    Thanks for a good show.
    My Mythical factinon would be the Zulu. Think about it, peopel how arn't affraid to run into diciplined british gunfire, they have sheilds, loincolths, spers and live in a warrior culture. Mix in some Magical animals (Rafiki from Lion King) and bob is your mothers brother.

  7. simon cressey

    The science museum in London has a hurricane that was used in the filming of the Battle of Britain movie I think and it has a hole clean through the wing and it still was able to fly and you can see all the wooden ribs and wires that hold it together

  8. simon cressey

    You guys need to check out a pc game called imposable creatures it was a RTS that you took DNA from animals in the area and then you mix them up to create your units the parts you mixed together give your units there ability’s like crossing a shark with a porcupine so it would have a massive bite and the had a range attack from the porcupine it was a cool game and to top it off your mobile base was a flying steam train

  9. Goblinfoo

    What about the Sea People? You could do pretty much anything with them given there's no real record of who they are.

  10. Spenser Clark

    They have most of what I would expect already, but the thing that would be most exciting to me to hear about next is something from ancient Mesopotamia or the Armenian Plateau – Assyrians, Hittites, Urartians, etc.

  11. Walt Man

    Awww I forgot what I was gonna say! Oh well how about for Godslayer a force of Fishmen with a Babylonian style?

  12. Diogo Salgado

    Am I the only one completely hyped for Godslayer? Those mortans are INSANE…

    As for a possible faction I see an egyptian style with undead and lightly armored troops… maybe some camel cavalry…

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