Vivo NEX S Battery Life, Size Comparison & Thoughts

Vivo NEX S Battery life results, size comparison to Mi 8 and OnePlus 6 and general thoughts after 48 hours on the NEX S. Where to buy: (TradingShenzhen)

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  1. joy santod

    More than 10hrs of SoT and there are still some juice left? Woah! That's better than most of the flagship phones


    Sir do you think vivo gonna release next android version updates on this phone? Not just for optimization I mean android version like Android P?

  3. L Monty

    Short and sweet. Great video. Phones are still getting bigger, despite having smaller bezels.. I already find the likes of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X a tad too big to hold (let alone take with me on a 10K run). Still, the Vivo Nex S is amazing.

  4. Razvan Fodor

    The software is a massive con. And I bet it will never be updated. These manufacturers don't understand what buyers want, those ugly skins are surely not. Nokia is having massive success because it sells phones with stock rom and updates the software regularly. The Chinese just don't seem to grasp that.

  5. Benjamin K.

    Wow, what terrible software. Complete copy of iOS and you can't even change the launcher? Hopefully the bootloader is unlockable so you can load Lineage or AOSP on this thing.

  6. Kira Ng

    Hi there , if i wanna buy this phone from china , how can i use google services using this phone ? i heard china doesn't support google play

  7. SkyVivo三星帝國

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  8. Chris F

    You can easily solve the Problem with Nova Launcher. In settings under i don't know how is it exactly called in english but where you can allow replacing the system launcher, you have to disable the second thing. Afterwards you won't go back to the vivo launcher while swiping up.

  9. Fr3e3

    Really loving this phone…if Xiaomi don't bring something better with the Mi Mix 3….I'm gonna buy it. The selfie camera will be used probably 50 times during its lifetime in my case and I've seen on the JerryRigEverything channel that it's really well built. 10+ hours of SOT and an amazing display with the flagship chipset?? I'm sold…

  10. hansklaus peters

    I just jump from Iphone to vivo, im so impressed ,this is my second time i have trying to ,change, first time didn't work with s edge plus, but now .OMG

  11. RiderManX0

    Chris, have you tried installing stock Android on this phone? I was thinking of doing it myself to get rid of Jovi but I'm not too sure how much of that camera mechanism is tied to the actual software.

  12. maciek photos

    Indian version is much better in regards to software. Barely no bloatware. I think it's one of the best devices I've had. And I've had them (almost) all. The battery life is insane. Call quality, music quality is really great. Two things that it is lacking would be NFC and stereo speakers. Expandable storage and IP rating would be a nice touch as well. BTW, are you based in Dénia?

  13. Jp Dela Riarte

    actually i have tried change a Vivo launcher in my Y51.. and i had downloaded the "google now launcher" first then.. i downloaded the desired launcher.. believed me it works! you have do to something in there.. in order to make it work.

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