Vargo BOT Review – IS IT WORTH IT?

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Vargo gave me (for free) both the BOT 700 and BOT 900 featured in this video. I have no contractual agreement with this company and only give reviews on gear I myself would use or feel would benefit my viewers to know more about. This is NOT a Paid Review, nor did I receive the product in TRADE for a review. I am self-employed and do not receive further compensation from Vargo for this gear review.


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  1. Rich Holtzman

    Nice review. I was considering getting the 700 but hearing about the leaking & pressure seal problem I think I'll pass.

  2. Judy Williams

    I love your channel but even when you receive "free" gear and are under no obligation to give a good review, I always have to take it with a grain of salt because if you give a bad review then you will stop receiving "free" gear. I originally started watching YouTube a couple years ago because I wanted to update my gear and I wanted to see what others' were using and maybe I trusted gear reviews back then, but now, not a chance in hell. There is just too much money or "free" gear going around to make any actual gear review valid. Sorry. That's just my take on it. Still love you Darwin 🙂

  3. modernhereticnw

    To alleviate the pressure sealing issue, could you drill a small hole in the lid and tap it for a thumb screw? I know that's a lot of DIY.. Or, if a screw won't work, what about using a cork (actual cork or maybe silicone) to seal it?

  4. WillN2Go1

    Excellent review. After trying to find a really good and safe plastic (#2,4 or5) screw container (and keeping the titanium, stainless steel as options) these Vargo Bots seem to be the best and maybe only good screw top options after that peanut butter jar. The Vargo Bot titanium 1 L is 5.2 ounces $100, the stainless steel is 8.4 ounces $40. $60 for 3 ounces was a deal breaker for me. I bought the stainless steel(SS). The screw top on the SS seems to work really well, the threads on the lid are polished. (If you have a bit of wax paper or oil, screw down on the waxed paper, or wipe the threads. And I think changing altitudes with this big thread has a high leak potential, shouldn't be too hard to keep it mostly vertical). My preliminary tests are very positive, it's going in my pack to Britain. That being said (to borrow one of your expressions) I think you're absolutely right about 700 mL versus 1000 mL (1L). I haven't cold soaked anything that even fills this up halfway. And right now I'm fiddling with some SS piano wire to make a handle. So 700, which has a handle, is the perfect size (but they don't make a cheaper SS screw top….) So this might be one of those things where you pay the money, immediately forget how much you paid and then make sure you don't lose it. Simple metric conversion: a liter is 34 ounces, a quart is 32 ounces. Usually close enough. 500 mL is half a liter, so it's about 17 ounces (or 16 if) 250mL is 8.5 ounces, or a standard cup.

  5. Supertramp Goes Wild

    There's an interesting story behind the systems of measurement, pirates, and profits…some of you should look it up.

  6. Beth Ratkewicz

    When we hiked in Alabama we wanted to filter our water Plus boil it so we are looking for a lightweight water bottle that won't shrivel up when we pour boiling water in them. Suggestions?

  7. Shawn Pappas

    Great review, Darwin. If I could find a water tight lid for my Stanley cook pot I’d be happy. But alas, no luck finding one yet.

  8. Doctor Feelgood

    Vargo Bot is $100, you can get the Talenti container for $5 plus free ice cream. Is the Vargo worth it…. nope

  9. Warren Ashworth

    I have a Bot 900 and I love it. I have that size because that’s all they had at the time. I also have the neoprene sleeve for it.

  10. Joseph Chamberlain

    Can't wait for the PCT videos to start rolling out. I was glued to Homemade Wanderlust's PCT videos last year and very much look forward to seeing it from your perspective. I wish you the absolute happiest of trails, and hope with all my hope (for many reasons) that you have no fire season closures to contend with. When you get up into Oregon I'd love to swing some trail magic your way if it's doable. I'm in Portland 🙂

  11. Adventures with Frodo

    This is just like a political contribution. Also seems like a newest YouTube hiker fad. The bush crafter have touted the for year. I am to cheap and got a SS mason jar. 1 oz heavier and 10x cheaper.

  12. Jamie Smith

    Darwin: Let me see if I got this right: You say that little pot is over-priced, the cover is difficult to screw on, it leaks, it only has metric units on it, AND it vacuum seals itself at certain elevations but you STILL recommend it. OK there champ. Let me rush on out and buy one ASAP. I do wonder though if you would still recommend it if you actually paid $100 for it out of your own pocket instead of getting it as a "free" gift? Just saying 😉

  13. Crowman

    Wonder when the first person will use the pot on their stove with the lid screwed on and eat their Ramen off the tops of the tree's when it goes off like a grenade? Yes there's people like that out there.

  14. Dano S

    What's the difference between titanium and aluminum ccoking gear except for the huge price difference. Is it really worth the wide price differences?

  15. Decent Diversions

    Great review, Darwin. One advantage of the BOT that I have found is that you can store leftovers from your last meal. I hope Vargo takes your feedback seriously. Dropping the price and improving the threading seem like two easy things to do. Solving the pressure sealing may be more complicated (new lid design). As you explained though, it's easily solved when it happens.

  16. Rabidbunnies

    I like to cold soak my lunch and cook my dinner. I'll just add the water directly into the freezer bag that I'm already storing my food in. I don't like washing dishes on the trail. It saves me time, and it's one less piece of gear I have to carry. You should try cold soaking in freezer bags, then you could still bring your old reliable pot!

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