“Unlimited Freedom Is Slavery”: COMMENT FAILS – September 2017



DemocraticSocialist01 Exposed:

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  1. Mike-the-cat

    The funny thing is, leftists are even more guilty of child exploitation/molestation, so them accusing us of child abuse is Sargon's law.

  2. Aristotele il filosofo

    If socialists want to voluntary associate to create a collectivist society and isolate themself, that's fine. But the entire fucking point of socialism is a violent revolution to enforce their system.
    They want to abolish mmoney, i mean, seriously?
    How are you gonna force people to not engage in transactions and use mediums of exchange? Why would you want to enforce your choice on others?
    How are you gonna force people to leave their belongings to the commune without the use of force? socialism requires force by nature.

  3. Aristotele il filosofo

    The problem with democracy in one example. Community is made by 3 people:
    Person 1: i want to do x
    Person2: i want to do x.
    Person3: i want to do y.
    Because of the majority, now you are forced to do x despite the fact that you didn't consent.
    In a voluntary society, the two guys would do x and the third would do y: Nobody forces anybody. Then they would voluntary associate and exchange to mutual advantage, as always.

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