UNBIASED GEAR REVIEW – Agile Pendulum Pro 102730 10-string guitar


DISCLAIMER – all views contained herein are mine and mine alone. My comments merely reflect my own, individual experience with this gear. They do not necessarily reflect what your personal experience may be as a potential customer of the brand I am reviewing.

Per a commenter’s suggestion, here’s a link for purchasing info and specs:

Agile Pendulum Pro 102730 RN CA Black Flame
– Mahogany body wings
– 5-piece Maple/Mahogany? neck w/dual truss rods
– Rosewood fretboard w/24 Extra Jumbo frets
– 27″-30″ multi-scale, fanned fret design
– Cepheus 11 active pickups
– Cepheus single-saddle fixed bridge
– Grover tuners

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  1. Andres Medina

    Maybe a pair of bareknuckle nailbombs / Aftermath could solve the articulation problem!

    Great review arnold!

  2. Kop Prophet

    I just wish all the sycophants in the comments section would realise that what is said about tone and action is entirely subjective. Also, talking about 'articulation' when playing chunky distorted riffs is a bit precious. We're hearing a guitar through effects, amplification, and you-tube compression FFS.

  3. Jason Watt

    I have a 7-string Interceptor Pro, and I am in love with it still after 5 or 6 years now. Same with my 6-string Agile Hawker. Got both the same day. Glad to hear some good words about something as unnecessary as this 10-string model.

  4. Donnie Darkestra

    There is a sweet spot for low notes and sounding sick and sounding silly. You can go too burly and achieve flabby.

  5. King's

    Dear Arnold. I recently got the Harley Benton R-458, really do not like it at all. Would you suggest the Agile Interceptor 827 with Flyod Rose?

  6. Christopher Pineau

    That thing is just insane! I was always curious as to what one of these monsters sounded like, and now I know! That scene in the beginning when your wife walked in on you and started laughing was adorable, too. Pardon me asking, but I gather she is supportive of this endeavor of yours?

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