TVR Sagaris car review – Top Gear – BBC autos

Jeremy Clarkson and The Stig test drive the TVR Sagaris on Top Gear’s test track. Great car review video available in full high quality on the BBC Top Gear YouTube channel. Don’t forget to visit for all the latest news and car reviews!

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  1. Nakoruru The Extra Terrestrial

    Such a shame what happened to TVR. I think they'd have been fine if they could've hung on for a bit longer. They had it right. Screw health and safety… just be a decent driver.

    Someone in my area owned one of these and was amazing to see it cruising around.

  2. Ian Thompson

    TVRs seem like an amazing bargain.. the styling alone deserves a 100k price… TVR makes my dream car… they're art. It's the exact vision that it was designed. Without anyone stepping in to "fix" it. It pisses me off I can't get one for 25 years… TVR is love.

  3. Siva Nesh

    don't crash that? well, without anti-lock brake system, probability of crashing is really small, especially driving a sport car like a sport car, in a dry pavement, in a straight line.

  4. AJ Price

    This car would be much more attractive had they designed that plastic looking salad bar sneeze guard rear spoiler differently. And if you're going to have sideways splitting exhaust at least have them exit from underneath the door panels in front of the back tires.

  5. jbmp1390

    what a stupid car. door handle on the radio panel instead of a normal handle? no traction control? Jesus christ these people are idiots.

  6. Tom Henks

    What I find funny about this review is that, in the 90s Jeremy reviewed the Cerbera, saying it would be the first TVR that actually drives and handles well. Later, Hammond drove the T350C and they both agreed that it was "the first" TVR that drives properly and could be used every day. And in 2008 or whenever this is from, the Sagaris is supposedly "the first" TVR that handles well.

    It's like teens arguing that the new iPhone is the greatest thing in the history of mankind, but as soon as the next one comes out the old one is utter trash. Like, really?

  7. Aus Explorer

    "we didn't get that memo…" and surprisingly they aren't in business anymore…. again, because it wasn't the first time they went out of business.

  8. michael yacobucci

    if i had a dollar for every guy obsessed with sports cars that assume they can drive them ide be rich, when you finally get the chance youll be humbled. or the guy who "knows how to drive stick" because he owns one with 110HP then put them in a proper racing car and they have no clue how to keep smooth transitions and overheat the clutch/cant keep the tires in grip. just because you dont stall doesn't mean you drive it proper. i have buddys that have been through 3+ clutches over the years but think there good becuase they dont stall. tip 1-dont dump in between gears and if your heels off the ground you dont know what your doing

  9. Rdrummer 2

    I love the Sagaris. It's a wonderful car. but the fact that its banned in the U.S. isn't fun at all. I just wish it'll be legal here in the US. Old car but still looks better than many modern cars ever produced

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