Tribord Easybreath Review – Best Snorkel Mask Ever

A review of the Tribord Easybreath Full-face snorkel mask. The best snorkel mask that I’ve owned! Using the Tribord Easybreath Snorkel mask is super easy. The mask is all one piece, you simply place it over your face, and breathe normally as you always do. Nothing in your mouth, nothing clipped to your goggles.. and no fog inside either. Buying these masks is a little tricky right now as they are only sold through “Decathlon” and they don’t ship to many countries including the US. I bought mine thru eBay.. and I’m glad I did!


My video on Snorkeling at the Andaz Hotel in Maui:

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  1. brigittaglg

    I am so happy someone came up with this idea of this one piece mask! Well done whoever it was!! I am so fed up with fogging. It just ruins the whole snorkelling. I just ordered easybreath. Looking forward to a smoother, happier fogless snorkelling experience during my next holiday 😉

  2. δημήτρης θεοδωρόπουλος

    The anti-fogg thing doesnt work at all, its foggs after 3-4 seconds..moreover the quality of the plastic is cheap, you cannot see clearly the items in the water..

  3. DragonLover365

    Thank you for posting this review! I went swimming with dolphin in the Bahamas and had such a hard time with breathing with the snorkel. Came a cross this and thought it looked really cool and after reading some of the reviews of people who had the same problems I decided to look more into it.

    Found it on amazon for a half decent price and look forward to hopefully trying one! 🙂

  4. Gabriel Gransaull

    I have this and it's soooooo awesome. I can also breathe underwater!! Like if you think this product is awesome

  5. Kim .S

    Once i almost died from that thing because the snorkel valve wouldnt open after a dive. Pro tip breathe out to open the valve after a dive.

  6. Luis List

    2 problems first f all you cant equalize and its fogs if you just go under a meter the mask is a massive fail in design the old mask and snorkel are still better

  7. Donnabelle Lorenzo

    YASSSSSSS my parents bought 7 of these and it's exactly the same thing, the color and the name. Plus my parents had to spend almost $1,000 of these, my parents bought 7. For them, me, and my 5 other siblings

  8. trump

    This type of mask needs regulations as many have co2 build up,in some cases leading to heart attacks brought on by co2 poisoning.

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