Tommy Robinson’s News Roundup: 27 September 2017

Language Warning – Tommy Robinson grabbed a copy of The Guardian and The Express to get the morning’s news from both sides of politics. It turns out the stories in both papers annoy him in equal measure! MORE:
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  1. patrickcon1

    Tommy, you are a hero. However, on the PR front (which we all hate, but…) make sure the format of this doesn't become tired. Make sure, you are effectively communicating. make sure you stay YOU. We are all evolving. A little bit of tweaking and growing political nous is not necessarily selling out. Walk the line! It's a fine line.

  2. us1way

    A while ago I posted on the Guardian comments section some pro Brexit views and a few other things that didn't fit the Guardians view and received a notice my posts were now being monitored. Free speech is dead over there, it's just brain washing for libtards.

  3. John Wallace

    Great News Tommy. I stopped reading the papers 6 months, full of biased nonsense in them. As you said go to twitter. Get all the important stuff from all over the world from the horses mouth.

  4. J J

    So labour is anti semitic. Big deal I hate both jews and islam get them all out. They do nothing but undermine and criticise our way of life. If we do that to them were automatically racist nazis and islamophobes. Two words they created along with political correctness to deny us freedom of speech.

  5. unapalomablanc

    Amazing bloke Tommy! Thank you for standing up for Brits! Such a shame we don't have politicians who have the balls to lead our country strongly and be proud of our own identity!

  6. n0ka

    I dunno how all this shit doesnt send you mad tommy.. i watch these videos and the whole islam thing really bothers me.. people are blind to it and we're all racists. When they realise their mistake the uk will be under sharia law.. i was shocked to learn that here in the north west of Ireland we have an islamic council

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