“Thrunite Sucks!!” – A Lesson In Gear Review Reality – Preparedmind101

Long video, but worth it. Multiple testing clips (getting to the bottom of the current “Thrunite TC12 V2 controversy”), but overall this video is something to consider for those who tend to get swept up in the currents of hype, drama, and unrealistic expectations.




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  1. rhodesain hunter

    I just lost my 2014 tc12, and it worked fine. It had been accidently dropped a bunch of times, and put through years of hard out door use.

  2. V Vogt

    Great video. You are So right. A flashlight. is a light. Not a Basketball. I used Pelican and Surefire. And others during 25 years as a firefighter. Good Service from all of them. Some fail Some don't. Keep on reviewing.

  3. looseballs1966

    People have gone clear over the top and off of the deep end on the whole gear and equiptment thing, guns included, we live in great times where the gear we have available to us is better than ever, batteries so small a light as to weigh and be size wise mear fractions of what they were just a small amount of years ago, and the put out ten times the power, and the lights and devices they go in use that power many times more effeciently, and even things like the cell phones and lights they go in are water proof and nearly totally shock proof, my personal cell phone is the kyocera duraX military grade and has been tested by accident when I fell in the river while fishing more than once, all it did was clean it real good, and it has been shock tested a time or two when I rolled my 4wheeler with it on my side and ripped it and my holder clear off of my belt in the process, and the same can go for anything accidents can and do happen, it's just a fact of life, and sometimes the best gear can fail seemingly without cause or reason, and sometimes the seemingly cheapest garbage stuff just never seems to die, hell a solid high quality solid steel ball can be destroyed if you try hard enough, or it can fail for no apperant reason (ball berrings are a good example of that, sometimes they fail because of abuse (you didn't keep enough good oil in them), and sometimes for no apparent reason they just failed….go figure, grow up people and stop being so damn un-realistic in your expectations of stuff and life in general.. just buy what seems to be decent or good quality stuff and use it in a way as to show you care for it in at least some way more than just yesterdays trash and it will most likely serve you well for at least a decent life span, and when it does finnaly quit don't say that that brand must be junk, no it aint that was just it's service life given the kind of use or abuse it has seen (or at least one of many pieces within it complex makeup has reached it's end of life), if you drive your brand new chevy pickup into a tree at high speed and smash it all up and it will no longer drive does that mean all chevy's are junk because it could not take it and keep working, or your ford with 500,000 miles on it finnaly dies….all fords are junk, I hardly think so on either counts, could be that just one tiny part made by some company other than ford or chevy but used in both caused the failure of either complex machine, someday some part of you will quit working and you will die too, does that make you a piece of crap, time to stop and put some reallity back into your expectations people.P.S. PREPAREDMIND101 I know it's hard to near impossible brother but don't let the douch bags get to ya, be like a ducks back and let it roll off of your back, I for one appreciate what you do, it at least keeps me aware of some of the newer gear and what not, I really appreciate that, however I decided some time ago that trying to keep up with the ltatest greatest just ain't worth it, lights, knives, guns all of it gets better to a point yes, but constantly trying to upgrade to the next best thing can be counter-productive to say the least (especialy in the pocket book ), and when truth be told the new stuff doesn't always do all that much better(if at all) than that trusty old light you've been carying for the last few years, same goes for knives, guns, whatever, and sometimes all the switching around can be detrimental in a big way…trying to relearn new things all the time, this is a big reason I personally went through my knife, flash light and gun collections recently and got rid of about half of everything, no need for 30+ different lights when there are only 2 or 3 I ever use or carry (my fenix E12, nitecore EA11 for dailly carry and my larger 2D mag lite sized premier brand of which the model I can't remember, it's not too expensive and cranks out plenty of light for about anything so why need anymore), my knives same thing, I only ever carry a max of 3 at any one time, and because I have become extra fond of just those 3 out of my collection the others never get looked at hardly, so why have 20 or more others just sitting doing nothing ever, just keep a couple other favorites beyond the 3 main ones and off the others, same for the guns, In the last 6+ years I have only carried 2 different guns, either my model 60 pro series or my model 340pd, sometimes one or the other, sometiomes both (but always something for sure), goes the same for my long guns too, my AR's(took them down to just one really well built lower with 2 different really nice uppers for different uses), only need one or 2 good good hunting/long range snipping type guns in a good caliber, 1or2 good 22's, a good shotgun or 2, you just don't really need dozens of different guns, in fact I have found that I am way better with the gear and guns I now have because I am way more familiar with the ones I now have and use, and my bank account is sitting pretty because of getting rid of and selling off all the excess baggage, if an item of gear quits I just go get a new one without even having to hardly think about the price, my point being guys massively over do the whole gear thing badly and in so many ways, it's great for the sellers and manufacturers they love all the internet hubb-bubb good or bad it's pubblicity for them and it keeps their brand names in peoples minds good or bad their getting the airplay, anyhow take care brother.

  4. Sandeep Mohanty

    E L C T R O N I C S……. Please don't give your bullshit theory about circuit board…… just remember old Nokia phone, they never boasted of drop resistant but the world knows what it was….. you have sold your conscience to the sponsorship.

  5. Mike Boone

    I've always had bad luck with flash lights but those were bulb lights .But about 18 years ago went in to one of the new battery stores that were popping up like gas stations all over the place .They happened to be doing a demo on a little Rayovac dropping it from chest high damn thing never blinked so I went over to the counter told the guy give me 4 of those hell I didn't even know the price . When he rang them up I all most dropped over 27.00 dollars a piece will I bit the bullet got them and have to this day never had a failure and they have had a hard life . There not tiny ones like your testing they also have a rubber front and back which I think helps a lot when dropped absorbing a lot of the shock . there 5-1/4 long body diameter is 1-1/4 in diameter there reliable and probably a fraction of the cost of these new ones that don't seem to last just my travels through the flash light world my friend . keep up the honest revues and good luck in your new life young man I've been where your going . HAPPY TRAILS

  6. Evocati

    The one common issue I've had with Olight is the tailswitch goes out. Lately it looks like they have a new design so I'm hoping that fixes it. So far my R20 Javelot has not had an issue and it's my EDC so it does get used on a decent basis.

  7. ScrewYouTwice

    Dec 26 2017 I watched this video. I have a Olight S2A baton and have dropped it from a ladder a few times and it still works (haven't even had very long). I know its a good solid light. After seeing the Thrunite TC12 V2 and researching the controversy I ordered one from the Thrunite site 12/26/2017 had to get one to see for myself. Has not arrived yet, 01/01/2018. Maybe I will get a 2018 version, it will be my first Thrunite. Thanks for the passionate video review.

  8. Grammar Nazi

    Very good points that I needed to hear. Take good care of your stuff. I don't expect a light to be invincible but I do expect it to stand up to daily use in daily weather conditions and hopefully take a few accidental drops. I have an OLight S30RII that I fell in love with for the design and feel I paid good money for, but it's failed in a cold weather environment – typical Idaho winter near 15-10ºF. Broke my heart. I had one initially that showed up doa and replaced it for a second, because I really wanted to give it a chance, and it's done well, aside from the cold temperature issue.
    Should a good light be able to function in freezing temperatures? Am I expecting to much from it?
    I've just started looking at the TC12 and I'm getting pretty attached.

  9. Patriot Goose

    I buy el cheapo flashlights from Harbor Freight. One has been dangling from my belt loop for over a year. It's constantly banging on stuff. I got it free with a coupon. I've got a ton of spares; they haven't been needed. The knurled portions are just a few thou over 1.000" so it can be mounted on a rifle. I could go on and on.

  10. Jaime Cancio

    Exactly the type of emergency light I have been hoping to locate; thank you for the video-keep providing your videos as always much appreciated excellent information on survival and related equipment.

  11. Ben Braceletspurple

    Probably fixable, replace switch with tougher switch and use better soldering technique for led or tougher driver.

  12. Roger Reynolds

    Common sense! Can tell ur a buckeye. Won’t do the math, but bet the added weight of the target probably tripled or quadruple the shock to the flashlight. Would’ve survived drop by itself I bet!

  13. Charles Adamski_1

    Thanks for that.
    Seems like a good product.
    I can probably fall off a log into a river and still have a light.
    People should really focus more on real problems like at one year does the battery only last 10 minutes.
    In my mind I don't want a flashlight like that.
    To me that's the real fail.


    Here! Here! To that Chris… Commonsense prevails… We value our torches as work tools so we don't set them on fire, throw them off cliffs, freeze them in water, run over them with trucks, drag them behind four wheel drives, chuck them into the shit house, piss on them or use them as a sex aid. So to those who want, must or have an urge to see "what its got" then we say go ahead make your day fools and their money are soon parted. … Got deep pockets have you? Some Neanderthals are not worthy of this high tech gear… So walk in the dark and trip over your own arse… But the world is full of dick heads who expect when they throw their EDC light into a volcano to have it coming out saying, "Hey man that all you got?" Macho dog shit for the macho brain. Maybe these dick heads deserve to carry a burning stick and then throw it under truck to see if it goes out as opposed to a nice piece of high tech luminance.

    None the less we do value these sensible "extreme" reviews that do extreme test on these bits of kit when in fact it's not really required… We would not want to run over our gear with front en-loader, steam roller, express train, freeze it or shove it up camels arse to see if it can take the heat… Some might have this fetish but we seem not to have stomach for it. But hats off to you sensible reviewers who have the nuts to demonstrate the extreme while we "gutless wonders" sit and watch. It's nice to know that if one night we do get pissed and have torch throwing competition, or "bash your touch up a camel's arse competition" while under the influence of a good Jim Beam or two. Insider trading from extreme reviews assist the bookie when taking side bets on whose torch will survive, the chances are good your might survive and you win the bet.

    Besides you Yanks get stuff so much cheaper than we can here in AU after been gouged by "suppliers" GST, postage and so it goes. No wonder my arse is bleeding… So you can afford it… But throwing perfectly good flashlight off a ten story building just see what happens… Gravity is a bitch jump out after it and see… Keep going Prepared Mind we like your stuff and have brought many items on the basis of your recommendations and thumbs up. Jessica's a big bitch is she not??? Cute though…

  15. Mark Chilton

    You are absolutely right! I am sick of some of these youtubers testing to "destruction". That is ridiculous. I actually watch a kid on youtube test a becker bk2 by stabbing it into a side of a stump and jump up and down on the handle. Who would ever in the real world treat a fine knife like that? Its the same with flashlights. They are not indestructible.

  16. roadeomagic

    I'm a newbie when it comes to high-end flashlights. I love your philosophy and I think you did an excellent review on the basics of going overboard.

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