The Turning Point for Altcoins – Why the Market is Heading Higher

The Turning Point for Altcoins – Why the Market is Heading Higher –

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency (crypto) news for 3/25/2018. A look at what’s happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies today. A look at Binance news and their new plans for fiat buying. An in-depth look at why we hit a turning point for altcoins and why I think the market is going to head higher.

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  1. Christian Kuhl

    Hi George. Good video. And thanks for the prize. It turned out that betting on a stable coin in a bear market was a good idea. I will probably not be good enough for the annual competition so I must win another week….! Therefore I nominate: BNB – 0x5aff126dacC7529B04aC67687c291C429dDd38DD

  2. Nico Engebret

    Hey George. Someone else might have mentioned this already, but here goes anyway: Your audio quality has been pretty low compared to older videos lately. Every video AFTER the video titled "Binance Chain is Coming – Are We in A Bear Market?"(March 13th) has lower bitrate or something. If you compare you'll hear the difference 🙂

  3. David Corbin

    I nominate NCASH : 0x46dE4467375dD5F5711AF352eBB2e24B49E30C88

    Is the EU going to effectively ban the open ledger with their new law mandating the ability to delete one's personal data completely?

  4. Mark Halperin

    hey george can u give us a mix of your holdings in terms of percentage. i remember a month or 2 ago u switched from holding btc to eth as a blue chip. is that the case still. we could really use help on how many different coins u hold and percents.

  5. Ketty Winslet

    This is exactly what I have been looking for! Thinking about us smaller businesses really stood out to me. I don’t think Ive seen an ico dedicated to doorstep services. Thanks for thinking of us, gig9!

  6. PoppONaya Shelly

    what I think many of us are not understanding is that this bear market IS the result of regulation! ….btw this tether FUD is silly

  7. Bryce Kruman

    Looks more like the money that is going into the 'other' alts category is money coming out of ETH, rather than new money flowing in

  8. Daniel Johansson

    It seems that the market is becoming a bit more stable but yet I have my doubts. IF its falling down then its good to invest but what is the point if everything will fall down eventually? Nonetheless I think some coins will succeed and some will fail. Which coins do you guys think will succeed?

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