The Sky-Watcher 130mm Newtonian Telescope (A buyer’s guide)

A guide to the Sky-Watcher 130mm Newtonian Telescope

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Presented by Ralph Bell

Produced by The Astronomy and Nature Centre in association with A.R.B Media Productions.

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  1. Astronomy and Nature TV

    @xVeraful Hi there, thanks for watching! The change of livery colour does not, to the best of our knowledge, mark any design change of the telescope mechanics or optics. A&NC

  2. m4n52k10

    i have a Newtonian Telescope but sometimes when i look threw the eyepiece i see a blurry image every where i look but the next day its fine not sure what this means

  3. Astronomy and Nature TV

    @m4n52k10 Hi – it sounds as though the secondary mirror (the mirror near the focuser at the top of the tube) may be dewing up. When this happens remove the eyepiece and shine a torch into the scope and examine the surface of the mirror for dew. Hope this helps. Regards A&NC

  4. Morven McCallum

    This is helpful as the telescope I bought is second-hand, but the previous owner has lost the manual!! I can't seem to find a replacement manual on the web…does anyone know where I can get one?

  5. jgstargazer

    @neil19781978 Saturn is always a joy. Mars is visable in the east at midnight, it looks like a bright red "star" to the unaided eye.

  6. TheisticThinker

    Got this telescope today aswell, I've since my early childhood been interested in space, and now I am very into physics and cosmology. This is my first real telescope so I am very excited to try it out when it isn't cloudy.

  7. R. Walton

    Yeah, Nikos770, you can see Messier Objects with this telescope. Expect most of the views to be well within "fuzzy blob" territory, though. I get pretty good detail on a couple of the Hercules globular clusters; also, the Dumbbell Nebula looks pretty nice through this scope and a 10mm Plossl eyepiece. (Screw you, Youtube, for removing the "reply to comment" feature.)

  8. John Fraser

    Hi I was wandering whether to get the 130m or the 130p, I heard the 130p has a clearer image but a shorter focal length than the 130m. Any help would be great!:)

  9. Phil Short

    I recently bought a Skywatcher 130 EQ2. I am only interested in viewing the moon and the planets. I can't understand how the equatorial mount can possibly assist me to easily track them. The moon and planets don't revolve around the north star. I therefore think I have wasted my money. I have found the equatorial mount very difficult and inconvenient to use for looking at the moon and planets. Should I bin the Skywatcher and get a telescope with simple elevation and azimuth adjustments? Back in 1981 I had a Tasco 114mm reflector which was far easier to use for viewing the moon and planets compared to my Skywatcher contraption. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Phil.

  10. MurkDzombi3s

    I'm looking to buy a telescope uber 250$ I desire to look at stars, the moon, other planets just space in general any good ideas or links for websites? if you could help me thanks!

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