The 7th Continent Review – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a non-spoiler look at The 7th Continent!

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  1. Mikolaj Witkowski

    I really think this is taking the non spoilers too far, not showing any components undermines the usefulness of the review.

  2. Mari Strömbom

    I'm one of those that weren't that impressed by this game after playing it.
    Not for me!!
    Falls into that "Alpha-player-mode" and usually one guy decides what the group should do, and if you go by yourself or maybe 2, bad things always happen and you can't do anything but wait for the rest of the group to come to you, or you die…..

    I'm glad I didn't back this on KS!

  3. Battleshark - Brettspiele & Co.

    Fair enough, even without the component drop and absolutely no content showed at all. Publisher did put on some setup and rules video. I don't think that one would be spoiled to much by watching them ( ). Yet, since when does Tom review a game which is not, and probably will not ever be available on the shelf? Did I miss that the "we'll only review games that are out on the market" statement is no longer a thing?

  4. Jason Sesta

    Nice review, Tom. Although when you mentioned the time I think maybe you were referring to play sessions being between 2-5 hours? As someone with small kids, I so appreciate the fact that my wife and I can play an hour or two and save/reload the game in mere minutes.

    Most, not all, of the curses take 10-15 hours + to defeat the first time. Really just an amazing game though that I hope will spawn more of its kind even if it will be awhile before we see anything like it.

  5. Steven Wilson

    This was my exact feeling when I demoed it at Gen Con. "What's that? I want to go see that! What's up that cliff?" I was floored at how cool it was. I backed it the minute the kickstarter launced.

  6. phillosmaster

    I backed it the first go around and have played several hours into the game.  If you like old computer text adventures or even graphical point and click adventure games you'll probably also like this game.  I very much get the same feeling from this game as I do from those old style games.  I'm very happy that a kickstart-ed the original campaign and gladly kickstart-ed the second to get all the new expansion material.  It's not a perfect game, but boy is it a real cool boardgaming experience.  I'd definitely put this above Time Stories or any of the other games in this genre.

  7. BigBryan2

    Tom doesn't say it, but he gave this game a 10. And from what I hear in this review, he loves 7th Continent more than Gloomhaven. 🙂

  8. JDalkinn

    I know this is a fully spoiler-free review but SOME images of the game system would be nice. Show just a few random cards that don't go together or whatever. Most of your reviews show enough of how to play that I can get a sense of the flow of the game, but this review only made sense to me because I've watched other videos on the game. I'd guess that someone with less prior knowledge about the game might find the overview portion confusing.

    That said, I thought your commentary was helpful and to the point.

  9. Keithustus

    Tom, as much as I appreciate your thoughts on a game, I come to your reviews just because a game shows up in the BGG Hotness list, and I am disappointed that you don't show us even a little about the components and how to play, since I will not buy a game without seeing that. So for this review and Gloomhaven, you were not my one stop shop for a review, as you've been for most every other game you have reviewed.

  10. loki665zx9

    Whole game time you get FROM ALL EXPANSIONS AND BASE is only around 15~20h first scenario + 3~5h per scenario… YOU WILL NOT GET 100h gameplay unless you replay scenarios.

  11. Nelson Waissman

    Just as a curiosity, I believe the first use of numbers to indicate possible paths in an illustrated adventure was done in the French choose your own adventure style comic books from Makaka Editions. Chevaliers for example (available in English in Europe as Knights) is a comic book from 2012. Maybe more gamebook than CYOA but I think you get the point.

  12. rocaluma

    OK, at work now and checking your review. I really, really like the emphasis you put in your assessment of the game 😛 – reassuring as I wasn't sure what you'd say. I've done my share of gamebooks too and so this looks interesting to me. Thanks Tom!

  13. Michael Wright

    Unfilteredgamer dot com is giving away a full copy of the game. If you want to get it and missed out on the campaign you can try to win it!

  14. Anita Muecke

    Hi Tom I backed the 2nd Edition on KickStarter – can you advise – how many "bone dice & bag" do I need? How many playmats? How many cartographers notebooks? how many deluxe sleeves? would really appreciate your opinion. Cheers AM

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