Ted Cruz’s Hatred Of Net Neutrality Is Absolutely Pathetic

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  1. H_Balck

    Hey, let's regulate the hell out of the internet and call it net neutrality.  You know, like we called it the Affordable Care Act?  Yeah….

  2. YR Murray

    I feel sorry for myself. I live in Texas. I have to listen and put up with this bullshit everyday. Please conservatives, shut up, our lives are not your concern, all you conservatives care about is money, you people might as we'll be locked up in jail.

  3. APAL880

    if u mention the young turks again, i wont like u anymore. they r so stupid and they "report" news in such a distorted way (and then talk about how "biased fox is"). 

  4. daledao

    I just unsubscribed because of the communist politics.  I don't agree with liberal communists and have no desire to hear your rants.  It is a shame because I really liked your video game videos. Stay away from this or you will lose many more.

  5. doritodude8

    Are you going to actually explain net neutrality in order to inform people and prove that you know what you're talking about, or are you just going to keep calling people names, yelling, and being a shill for Obama?

  6. Andrew Smith

    just wondering, since I'm an independent, although I'm mostly conservative; am I the only (mostly) republican on the internet who supports net neutrality? I don't support government-run health care, or at least while the country is in debt, but considering net-neutrality is basically just trying to prevent or get rid of any sort of cable monopoly, I'd say it's quite the opposite of a Government-run medical industry (Net-Neutrality prevents the greedy monopoly, while "Obamacare" basically is one.) …. sorry if that sounded like a political rant, although it may have been one lol

  7. Norie92

    Difference between Ted Cruz and Obama admin:
    1. Ted Cruz wants zero government in the internet
    2. Obama admin tried taxing the internet 2 years ago.

    Please educate yourselves and forget about party labels.

  8. hajkie

    +dima koltrov says supporting net neutrality is anti-corporation. Majority of internet giants support net neutrality. Thats because net neutrality helps protect internet host business. Cable providers cant exploit these giants depending on how much traffic they get and demand that they should pay more to cable providers, nor cant they exploit any smaller internet server hosts. If you dont support net neutrality, you are anti-corporation.

  9. DarksideEXE

    the irony of using Obamacare negatively, is if you do research, you'd find that the whole "loss of jobs" thing is actually more or less "less people will be working because they won't need to pay for medical bills"

  10. TBird4490

    "Ted Cruz completely understands net neutrality. But he chooses to misrepresent it in the hope that it will fool enough Americans to not support something that is in their best interest. Cruz is the ultimate corporate tool in Congress."

  11. Billy Blaster

    This is coming from the guy (ReviewTechUSA) who thinks Nintendo 'got lucky' that the 3DS is a wildly popular and successful console.

    ReviewTechUSA has absolutely no idea how economics work. He has no idea what incentivises  innovation. He has no idea that government regulations stifle innovation and raises prices. And he has no idea how the free market and competition work for the good of the people, WITHOUT government interference.

    Stick to reviewing tech, stay OUT of politics.

    Government will not stop at net neutrality or regulating and taxing the internet. Soon they will want to tax internet sales. And then what? Regulating video game content?

    People like you would foolishly choose to allow the government to ban Video Game companies from charging for DLC, or for charging money for micro transactions because 'it isn't fair to people who don't want to pay for it'. If that went through, all you people would be having a party, but not realizing those companies would STOP making more content! (stifling innovation). Video games would remain the same price, but have LESS content. If the gaming company chose to include the DLC as part of the game, PRICES WOULD RISE. This means the cheaper option of the game with less content would NOT be available due to government interference! This means LESS cheaper options and LESS innovation! Not to mention HIGHER taxes to enforce these regulations!!

    If you don't want to buy DLC, DON'T. That is how the free market works. Go buy another game! Competition!

    Economics 101 people! Less government means BETTER products and services!!

  12. involuntaryanalysis

    On behalf of all Texans, we're sorry. There are those of us trying to get these retarded "good-ol-boys" out of power, it's just proving more difficult in practice than in concept.

  13. Bubi

    Done, you had to bring politics into this? On what is supposed to be a tech review channel might as well rename your channel ReviewPoliticsUSA.

  14. ROBERT195911577

    You lost me with your opening statement. Nothing else matters. You have a right to disagree and make your case, but I, like millions will not listen. You are not out to change minds, only to get massaged by those that agree.


    Ted Cruz is a Harvard graduate with highest honors and a national debate champion (We know this because unlike Barrack Hussein Obama, his records are not sealed by court order).

    You on the other hand…?

  15. Sam McWethy

    Yep I knew this guy was a nut job a year ago when I unsubscribed. Checked in to see how he was doing and he is ten times worse and just as clueless. Do yourself a favor and lock yourself in your house, play your games and don't talk about politics.

  16. Sam McWethy

    Let me just say this. Him saying that referring to obamacare as a fear tactic is the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard. Obamacare is an excellent example of something that was not previously regulated becoming regulated and causing a huge mess. Which is EXACTLY what Ted Cruz says will happen to the Internet if it is regulated. Reviewtechusa is a complete idiot if he doesn't understand what he was trying to say and it's no wonder he thinks that Ted Cruz is an idiot. This stuff is way over his head.

  17. John Simpkins

    The truly sad part about the whole "net neutrality". For it or ageist it. We are forced now to chose between the shiniest of two turds…

  18. Jimmy Gangster

    But in all reality though obamacare is a complete steaming pile of dog shit covered in flies on a hot summer day. It's a law, a law that literally FORCES you to buy insurance through them if you are uninsured, or you get a FINE. But they don't like calling it a FINE, they like to call it "financial consequences" to soften the blow. It isn't a VERY basic insurance plan that you can sign up for and receive free as a benefit if you can't afford or don't have regular insurance, it is EXPENSIVE insurance that once again you are FORCED TO BUY.

  19. Manabender

    Dear Cable Companies:

    Just stop.

    You are beginning to become the very definition of evil. I'm 99% positive you are all swimming in money. How do I know? Because you all COOPERATE with each other in order to MONOPOLIZE every square nanometer of the planet. That, in and of itself, is bad enough, and it lets you ensure you always turn a profit just by adjusting prices. With no competition, there's no need to worry about not being the best deal on the block.

    A non-neutral net would benefit absolutely nobody. It wouldn't benefit consumers because we would either have to pay or be slowed down. It wouldn't benefit big business because they would either have to pay or be squelched. It wouldn't benefit small businesses because they would have little choice but to be silenced. And it wouldn't benefit you because, once you have several million dollars, getting more money doesn't actually make you any happier. I promise, you can still live like you do now on the money you're making now.

  20. Pneumonoultramicroscopic Silicovolcanoconiosis

    A threat to net neutrality is a threat to an open and free internet. A threat to an open and free internet is a threat to democracy itself. Fuck anyone who stands against net neutrality.

  21. Aaron Z

    Remember how Ted Cruz went on a rant about how Trump is a horrible person and a pathological liar, then came crawling back and endorsed him a couple months later?

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