Tapplock After 6 Months & Indiegogo Backer Concerns

Tapplock After 6 Months & Indiegogo Concerns

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This is my 6 (six) month review of the Tapplock One. I’ve been very happy with the performance and experience of the padlock. I also address concerns about battery life, water exposure and Indiegogo backer concerns.


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  1. ChaseOnStage

    I'm pretty sure the tapplock is the first video I ever saw of yours. Awesome to see you come back to it. I think it's a pretty neat device

  2. Grace Siu

    I have ordered a package of 4, however I couldn't create an account until Tapplock to create an temporary account to me…Then I tried to add the lock to sync the app, the screen is blank, can' t add anything… It has been few days after I received the locks.. I hope the issue can be resolved ASAP thus I can use it and send out the rest of 3 locks as the Christmas gifts.. Please advise me ASAP

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