Swordcrafters Kickstarter Preview

Will and Sara look at the new board game Swordcrafters from Adam’s Apple Games. It’s a 3-dimensional tile-placement game and it’s coming to Kickstarter soon!

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  1. scarrow

    It seems like the components would almost have to be plastic to have the necessary durability. I was intrigued by the concept of building swords, but this seems like a somewhat pasted on theme based around the 3D tile placement. Forging swords shouldn't look so boring.

  2. Adam Rehberg

    Thanks for the great preview! The kickstarter is live and you can reach it at http://www.swordcrafters.com if you're interested – A quick clarification note on the video showing a two-player scenario. The two-player rules should have two alternating cuts per player and two alternating selections per player each round. This keeps the game very tight at two players. One cut and one selection per player per round is the more common ruleset and is used for the 3-5 player game.

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