Surface Pro with LTE review: Impressive but not for everyone

The Surface Pro (2017) with 4G LTE is finally here for the consumer market. Is it worth the wait? I’ll tell you in our latest video review. See at Microsoft:

Full written review:

Surface Pro Core i7 full review:

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  1. Rico Alexander

    Thought that price was pretty steep until I saw the non-lte version is only $150 less. These prices really need to come down.

  2. FiveIronKrabski

    ELI5: Why aren't new products immediately sold to all markets? This for example, why restrict it to the U.S., Canada, and the Aussies?

  3. Mandilo23

    As always the problem with surface being a mobile tablet is not hardware but that all the apps you want to use on it are designed only for android and iphone…

  4. Trevor S

    One last question… Why no Thunderbolt 3? LOL! These should be things being pointed out and hopefully, MSFT will listen.

  5. X8Mod

    Microsoft should just leave the consumer market. They have proven to be incapable of handling that business successfully and it clearly is not a priority for them, business customers are the priority. It's baffling why they continue their half assed effort with consumers.

  6. CL L

    I've got a surface, i'm sure it's the previous model, but it has an inaccurate touch by 1 mm.. the support team says it's the way it's supposed to work.. damn i can't even enable a switch with my fingers

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