Speaking at Indiana LinuxFest, Nook Review, Tablets vs Ereaders? [2/21/11 Vlog]

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FYI, this is not my main channel, so the topics may not be 100% Linux-related.

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  1. Thermosion

    The tablet v e-reader conversation is one I've had quite a few times with friends when I've shown them my kindle the question "why not get an iPad" comes up quite a lot. E-readers are meant to be like an mp3 player, they're there for your media (books/music) with some fun little things built around it. They're brilliant to enable you to carry all your songs and books with you. Because of an e readers design and size, they're just related to tablets, I'm sure the confusion will end soon!

  2. Thermosion

    @korwinblue hah, yeh! The price difference goes without saying. I was just drawing light upon the fact that I've notice a lot of people seem to think you have bought an e-reader to use as a tablet, when that's not the case.

  3. Martin Zeltin

    wow, i will have to look into some of the e-readers out there, what do you think about Amazon's Kindle? Is it better than the Nook? is it worth the money? how do they compare?

  4. korwinblue

    @QueeeeenZ The Kindle is nice. It doesn't have an LCD screen, but the battery will be longer. It's also cheaper (yay competition and price wars!). I think the biggest factor that made me buy the Nook over the Kindle is that the Kindle doesn't support .epub (the open source standard for ebooks). However, the Nook doesn't read .mobi files (/meh/).

    Also, the Nook runs Android. If you have a hacker's heart, you could try to run android apps on it. But there may be a Kindle App Store.

  5. Brian Huntley

    WOOHOO, I just found out I was coming last Friday with some friends family, and now I get to see one of my favorite people speak for it!

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