Sony Xperia XZ2 Hands-On Review – Better than Galaxy S9? | The Tech Chap

The Sony Xperia XZ2 (and XZ2 Compact) offers a fresh design, spec bump, and a couple of nifty camera tricks – including 4K HDR video! Is this enough to compete with the Galaxy S9? Sony Xperia XZ2 Hands-On Review. UK:

Check out Michael Josh & Isa Rodriguez from GadgetMatch – thanks for helping me make this video look better!

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  1. ShadowAussie101

    who fucking designs these phones and comes up with these ideas I am pretty sure they trade with samsung, LG and other brands to make profit together and only difficulties sony fuck up on is not having a capability to manual remove the battery, not having a phone jack is also a big nono. the camera of recent sony phones have been better the finger print scanner better off on the side button as X professional and z5. zx1 is a better then this crap. only the motion picture scanner and the digital virtual photo of the face is the only eye appearing to this pone not sure I am convinced and I doubt sony even listen to their fans international fans I mean not japanese since sony is a sony manufacture also based internationally.

  2. Manos L.v.e

    Shame on you Sony. Xz1 device with problems wifi connection after 4 months at the market and you don't even care to fix it. Many owners have that problem. Shame on you.

  3. Tyran Mathurin

    Sony phones are shit! Why would anyone in his/her right mind choose a Sony phone over a similarly specced Samsung? I once owned a Xperia Z Ultra. And that was the worse mobile device I've ever owned!

  4. kizashi muzahith

    Sony has got a unique design before by a side mounted finger print sensor which was absolutely awesome but now they rushed out of that design and gave a back mounted fingerprint sensor as all companies do like SAMSUNG,LG,google,huawei which is a routine and common placement of fingerprint sensor nowadays.but when we just look with a side mounted fingerprint sensor the width of a phone increases so old sony phones were more in width but they changed the placement of fingerprint sensor to back but even though the phone has got more width which is not acceptable so now you have to try for a screen built fingerprint sensor now for new generation.the performance of sony phones are quite awesome but why do you generate a lot of megapixel to primary camera(19MP) which is of no use and does gives a same image clarity as that of apple,Samsung,google pixel so you just keep a maximum restriction point of 12MP as above mentioned company’s do.the main thing is sony has lost its uniqueness with its back mounted fingerprint sensor which now presently practiced by RAZER PHONE which has got a side mounted fingerprint sensor same as that of old sony phones

  5. Yes Its me

    I don't mind the no headphone Jack on this phone for no reason. I find this very weird, I like it a lot even without the headphone jack. What's happening to me, is this really the curse of the Sony

  6. redsky106

    Ah Sony it seems my loyal time with you has come to an end looks like the xz premium will be my last Sony ,.,.tou have now made this phone with a sloping back so it can't sit flat on a table ,. .taken away the 3.5 mm headphone jack which was a godsend ,.so that alone means I will never get another Sony ,.,.such a shame looks like Sony is slowly morphing into Samsung ,!.which is something I don't want .,. ..Sony seem to have a nack of shooting themselves in the foot .,.could and should have been great but it is a damp squib ,a fizz
    Ed out end of an era ,.,. . where do I go

  7. branded

    I like Sony Xperia XZ premium .it's been updating unlike my previous Samsung Galaxy.that y I will not buy any more Samsung Galaxy hp, poor in updating.

  8. David Allef Magele

    eu adoro os celulares da Sony Xperia porém eu não gostei muito prefiro o estilo mais antigo todo plano fico com a cara do ASUS não gostei

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