SimpliSafe’s New Products for 2018 – Complete Walkthrough

Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro takes a look at SimpliSafe’s third generation DIY home security system at CES 2018. See the new and improved sensors, wireless outdoor camera, video doorbell and more.

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  1. Lizzie Poon

    I have no doubt it's a great product. I should know, I have the old system for 3 years. But I do warn anyone who is consider this system. Their customer service is just not there. It takes days if you are so lucky to even get a response. I spent over $800 on this system and out of nowhere, out come the new system with no option to upgrade. Stay away everyone!

  2. Han Wagu

    @Rich why don't you do a bit of math and try to amortize the cost of SimpliSafe upfront cost. Yeah, no contract, but you need to own the system, especially the 3rd generation, for at least 4 years in order to break even with those big bad 2-3yr contracts.

  3. Da ve

    Pretty lame Smiplisafe shows off that CO detector in Vegas in the demo house when its not available on the new system. I wonder why they show the old CO detector in this demo as if it works with the new Simplisafe when it does not.

  4. StevesBoston

    I just installed the V3 system and returned my V2 (just installed about a month ago, so within the return period). This is a very worthwhile upgrade that seems to have fixed many of the quirks with V2. Very easy to install and seems to work well. I did have an issue with a camera – it was dropping WiFi like a greased monkey – but the new camera seems to be working OK. As others have pointed out, their customer service can take a while to answer a call and are of variable quality. That being said, they were always responsive to my needs and sent out new hardware if needed. To date I'm pretty satisfied.

  5. Bro gun watch

    As long as you never have to call customer service this product is good. I was on the phone 5 different times this week with customer service and each person didn't seem like they knew what they were doing. However the last person was very helpful and helped me reset the pin so my alarm didn't keep going off every time I open the door. Nobody told me when I got a new base station the pin would change even after I called about it. Other then Bad customer service and very poor communication the product works. Most likely though I will have to send it back due to the incompetent customer service people.

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