Should Rappers Do A KickStarter Or CrowdFunding Campaign?

Rob Level – Way Up Music Video


Should Rappers Do A KickStarter Or Crowd Funding Campaign?


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  1. Official Versetile

    Hey, i have a huge problem when it comes to mixing, whenever i mix a product it sound good over my computer speakers but it sound like ass on other systems how do i fix this ?

  2. Lil Nigga

    What are some of the ways you can market your albums and music?
    Edit: Or the best way to get your music out there so you can get tons of views?

  3. Str8CashKaution

    Yessir 40 sounds like a pretty legit #…
    sometimes 2 jobs are in demand or 2 hustles which ever you prefer…!
    One to support daily bills, and the other for funding towards the game..!

  4. zayzaytv Zay

    Rob, could you make a video on all the types of mangers that we are gonna need like a , manger, tour manger, booking agent, road manger.

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