Shenmue III Kickstarter Reaches $7m & A.I. Battle System Goal

Shenmue III has reached another Kickstarter goal by hitting $7m- the battle system expansion via an A.I. system to make it even easier to be a total badass.

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  1. manoo205

    I'm buying this on steam most probably. I hope the new controls are better than the old ones. And I wish battle were more challenging because I'm not good at fighting games and still found it too easy. Hopefully battle is better at Shenmue 3, still I'm looking forward to both of them. The attention to detail was insane in Shenmue.

  2. Shenmue Ryo Hazuki

    But i prefer the authentic hard combat in 1 and 2. I have completed shenmue 2 dreamcast thr fourth time and the first as well. I am getting the hd since i will be supporting yhr beloved franchise

  3. alex_de_tampa

    I really hope the remastered hit with people that enjoy games like Detroit Too Human, Heavy Rain and similar games. I think the remakes need to sell atleast a million to get Sega convinced to go all in on Shenmue 4. Or possible full remakes.

  4. Adam Clark

    You summarise everything well in this video. It was an interesting update and to me quite unexpected. I'm glad about this, it's definitely good but I hope the 'AI battling' is something that you can turn off or on and is really towards new fans of the series. If it's one thing that worries with me Shenmue III is that the game will be too easy. Casual can mean easy but maybe the whole game will be a medium difficulty which is fine with me. So excited for Shenmue 3.

  5. Ace boogie

    Why can't they just get the engine yukusa uses and call it a damn day…tired of waiting for this shit!! Like damn cmon already!!

  6. Clayton Young

    We need a dreamcast classic with shenmue 1 and 2 included. I'd pay $200 for it. With 25 games on it I would.

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