Russia Opens Children’s Educational Techno-parks All Over The Country

New Technopark “Kvantorium” Opened in Russian Subarctic for Gifted Children
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Technoparks for kids “Kvantorium” opened in around 15 Regions in Russia. Each center has its own specialization. In Tumen the main focus became aero- and ship modeling, robotics, and industrial design. About 1000 kids will be able to study at the technopark absolutely free. One of its main goals is to provide access to extracurricular activities. Igor Ageenko reporting about the only Kvantorium in the Subarctic.
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  1. Lone Ranger

    Meanwhile in the U.S. they are forcing children into gender neutral restrooms and trannies reading them stories that they should be gay.

  2. JMagdalenaCLove

    Sunday is not the sabbath day! Ur breaking Yahwehs law! The Jews keep the correct Sabbath! No man can change Gods law. The pope is just a man like the rest of us. he is not the holy father. he is a father of lies.

  3. Dimitry Rappoport

    Between you guys and Inessa S – you have erased all the brainwashing that the U.S. has imposed upon all of us here and myself for the last 25+ years. I want nothing more thannto return home now.

  4. sakar sayami

    While in America children are dropping out of school, dabbing, taking drugs, being sound cloud rappers and all other shit.

  5. flofancy1

    This is how things get done. Hopefully this idea takes full flight. The idiots teaching some kids just don't get it anymore.

  6. Andrei Andrei

    A very good initiative except for the fact that they are forced to wear the Ferengi combat uniform. A uniform is good but why Ferengi?

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