Rising Sun – Unboxing the Kickstarter Edition and Base Game!

Unboxing the Kickstarter Version of Rising Sun – a new game from CMON designed by Eric Lang!
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  1. League of Gamers

    Dude. I watched Never Ending Story a couple of days ago for the first time. It’s soooo good. I was so confused at the end for a couple hours.

  2. Gothicangell1985

    This game Looks amazing! After you play a couple games I’d love to see a brief overview of how it’s played in a review or thoughts about the game play itself.

  3. Chris DeMint

    I find it very frustrating that you bought this KS and forgot about it and you already received it. Mean while I haven't stopped thinking about it since I bought it and I still have nothing! Not even a tracking number. Thanks for showing off though

  4. Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun

    Can you buy the minis separately from the game? I have tons of boxed games that I have not played but I can put all those minis to use.

  5. CoxJul

    Quick tip – in the Daimyo box there's an extra layer of plastic tray under the Fox clan and monsters that holds the minis in the separate monster and kami boxes.

    Also, the mini you described as the monkey king – that's Kotahi and he's actually a 19yo farmer from New Zealand. Look it up, it's a pretty funny story!

  6. masayako

    I also bought the whole kickstarter pack with the exclusive playmat. Waiting for the playmat to be delivered. Awesome minis!

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