Review: Warrior Burn Warp Pro

ECD Greg tells you everything you need to know about Warriors new warp offering, the Warrior Burn Warp Pro

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  1. Clutchfanatic37

    I honestly like this one, and thats surprising since I rag on the other warp options. Obviously I wouldn't use this over a hand strung stick, but I think this has potential. I stretch mine out with a pocket pounder hard so the pocket is deeper and has a little more whip and hold, and that's probably why I really enjoy throwing with them. Right out of the box? No shot

  2. Eli Roach

    They gave these out out Rabil Overnight I personally loved my whip 3 but some other guys got whip 1 and they hated it the head also goes well with a burn pro shaft in my opinion

  3. BirthdayPotato

    180? That’s insane! Lacrosse is an expensive sport and we need to make it more accessible to people less fortunate!

  4. Greyson Glancy

    I tried to wrap next in the off season just so I would rely on hold as much but I would never use one of the warps in a game. The thump when you catch the ball is also super irritating!

  5. Liam Gill

    On your ig story or something can you do a side by side comparison of shot speed between the warp and a mesh stick?

  6. Jeff Lee

    When they can add more whip and hold, I'd love to switch over to warp's, however all that I have tried have thrown in a way which I just don't see much benefit over mesh.

  7. Eric Scotto

    It is a good concept for if ur a beginner and need a consistent throwing stick but if ur elite and know someone that can string a stick well or you can stay with that bc u can always adjust if things need adjustment

  8. Patrick Greene

    I had the whip 3 burn warp prototype this past spring and It didn't shoot to my liking so I sold it. I'm hoping the finalized whip 1 can meet my standards, until then I'm sticking with mesh

  9. Peter Mansen

    I love the concept of picking one of these off the shelf and being able to play right away without having to break it in. This has a lot of potential for youth lax. I just don't see it having an impact at the higher levels.

  10. DMG18T

    The day PR99 uses it… he he.. But the guys using it are paid to via sponsorship, or bonus via MLL games, I think thats something to note. To my belief players are given a incentive in $ to use it, maybe some just like it, some paid, but in the end, its how you like it…..Its a head that I think changes you, you dont change it (fixed pocket / fundamentals) so all I can say is try it before you buy it!

  11. Andrew Borror

    I recently bought a warrior burn warp pro whip3 and you couldn’t of been more right about the stick. It’s hold is terrible and the fact that you can’t have a ball with any sort of slickness or grease to it is baffling. Waste of money if you ask me.

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