Rep. Black proposes new bill to help fund Trump’s wall

Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) on how her bill can help fund President Trump’ southern border wall.

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  1. Dorian Shades of gray

    It’s a great idea. There are people not just in America but all over the world who would support this. Breaking the backs of the obstructionist Dems is a win for the whole of the western world.

  2. Alan MacFarlane

    The Dennis Hastert Catholic Anal Raping of Children (no pregnancy that way either way you go .. boy or girl) just love the taco sauce on their swartznigger.

    4000 counties in the USA voted to get the illegals OUT and the Border Security that works every time .. as just fucking up ONCE makes for 3000 dead libtard bitches that get mass murdered by the White Boys.

  3. Chris C

    Fascinating is it? Taxpayers paying for more 'raises' to these, these, these shallow swampy slush-fund decadents?

  4. Steven Morris

    Good idea if they don't steal the money. Lock box cash from Congress is the biggest joke since the 2009 Nobel Prize for Peace

  5. Anthony Spicer

    Those dems and repubs of Senate and Congress are un-American. Time to vote these which are enemies of the State out.

  6. Janice Ulrich

    Give no more money to Mexico and get public donations,volunteers. It can be done.Americans can do great things.History says so.

  7. Amaravi

    What would be really interesting, is if conservatives passed bills to crowdfund most non-essential elements of Government in this way. Democrats want free college for all? Then convince enough of your soy boy friends to pay for it and I guarantee there will be no objections from the right.

  8. Diann Gillman

    I think people are tired of this stuff they will vote Trump's pics for Senate and Congress 2018. [ Now they will have their 60 votes ].

  9. Paul Charles


  10. Stanley Porter

    So like I've said since Trump talked about building the wall Mexico is not going to pay for anything we the people will but Trump promise that Mexico will pay for it I guess he forgot that

  11. davmanx

    Trump announced that the nice fat tariff money is going into building ships the world has ever seen and ready for war
    American should support this clown and chip in to build his Diamond wall to ostracize the whole world. Good for you all americans

  12. Tim Sullivan

    I like ostriches. They bury their heads, give dems 12 million new voters & will never win an election in the name of “cheap labor” for the Cock Bros!

  13. Chris Wheatley

    THE IRONY. Diane Black is one of the biggest RINOs in congress right now. Calls herself conservative, votes like a liberal almost every time

  14. Herman47

    When Trump said Mexico would pay for his wall, who here was dumb enough to believe this lie ? And Trumpsters, why does it turn you on when Trump lies REPEATEDLY to the American People? Don't you have higher moral standards than that?

  15. White Devil

    Setting up a GoFundMe to build the wall? Yea, that's a cute idea, we all got a chuckle out of it, but I've been contributing to a GoFundMe my entire working life. It's called paying taxes.

  16. Jonathan Nightfire

    That's why we need a border wall to deport all illegal immigrants to go back where they came from. We need to kill a lot of immigrants to stop crossing the United States of America from Mexico. They're butch of animals those Mexicans are Subhumans so are the Jews, Blacks, Gays, and Lesbians, Transgender, and more etc are all Subhumans. That's why We need another Nazi country like what they did in Germany in 1933. I'm a Nazi.

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