PROFESSOR EINSTEIN ROBOT Review, He Walks, Talks and Teaches!

Professor Einstein is one interesting toy or gadget or learning aide or personal genius or Albert Einstein robot friend…who knows, but it is cool.

Professor Einstein Sells for $199 on Amazon –

Professor Einstein is made by Hanson Robotics. Here is more info –
TALKING HOME ROBOT. Professor Einstein will talk with you, share his passion for science and challenge you with brain games. He’s a walking, talking Genius who listens, reacts and responds to your questions! Best for home wifi networks not an office environment.
BRAIN MEMORY GAMES. Challenge yourself against one of the greatest minds in history. With increasing levels of difficulty, Professor Einstein’s brain teasers are a fun, educational way to stay sharp!
VOICE RECOGNITION & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. 5 Robot Motors in Albert Einstein give him over 50 Realistic Facial Expressions & Body Gestures. Engineered from scratch by the creative minds behind Sophia, from Hanson Robotics. Professor Einstein features a Body Camera to see objects in front of him & Motion Sensors to detect the edge of a table where he’s walking. Directional Sound allows him to hear where you are in the room, and turn his head to talk to you.
TABLET GAMING APP STEIN-O-MATIC. Free Stein-O-Matic App for Apple & Android Smart Devices. The Professor Einstein Robot comes ready to challenge you with 20 pre-loaded Brain Games, Videos, Learning Modules, Data Cards, and Quizzes
LEARNING AT HOME. At 15-inches tall, Professor Einstein is the perfect science and math tutor for home. Ask him about science, math, famous historians, even the weather! He’s a wonderful teaching aid for classroom instruction. Allows students to learn at their own pace. Recommended for Grammer and Middle school age kids. Make sure to fully charge the batteries for 3 hours before first setup.

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  1. Has Kam

    I had bought mine on sale on Amazon for $149 shipped. I've setup a lot of devices over time – had a heck of a time getting him online. It finally worked after a couple hours. I would ask him a question and he would start to sing and then he would just stop with no response(tried the same with the online questions in the manual and Einstein still failed). That's just one reason I returned him. The other is that it's a hassle to remove/replace the batteries from his feet each time to recharge. He really should have a built in battery with usb charging capabilities. That's the other reason I returned him. Just not worth it. (and the power button near his butt….really?) 😉

  2. Jenny Simon

    What I want to know is does he learn from you like Hanson Robotics claims? For example, if you have him look up some obscure conspiracy theory or something. Will he retain that material? Will he exhibit emotions? For example, can you ask him to read the newest JFK files and will he have an opinion? They say all these robots are all on the same cloud network. Does he interact like Sophia? Can he become jaded like Han? Can he watch documentaries with me and then discuss them?

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