Product Review – Full Face Snorkel Mask

Full Face Snorkel Mask Review. In this episode of “Livin’ the Keys Life” we are doing a brand requested product review for ABTech Sport’s Full-Face Snorkel Mask. We do a complete unboxing, initial assessment, and ocean trial at Sombrero Reef off the Coast of Marathon Florida. Please watch the video to see our in-depth review and thoughts on this mask and its performance. If you are interested in purchasing one of these masks the company is offering our subscribers a special discount. This discount is a shrinking discount, so get your orders in quickly!

40% off through Dec. 25th, 2017
30% off Dec. 26th – Dec. 30th, 2017
20% off Dec. 31st – Jan. 14th, 2018
15% off Jan. 15th – Jan 31st, 2018

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We were not paid to make this video, this is our complete unbiased opinion of their brand.

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  1. HoboHiker

    I like the non-basis review. I was PADI certified to dive but my cert ran out years ago… I rather have a mask and snorkel… guess I'm old school. As for the videos… (I write this after 5 beers at happy hour) For me, I like the clear video. Mission accomplished. On youtube ; perfect video mixing… it's nice but I'd rather see 5 minutes of you with sunglasses off, Jessica in a small bikini and best docking the boat mistakes. BTW, I love the music mix.

  2. Roy Cabalo

    Hi guys, good fair review. Jody – when you did the long stide in did you have any water intrusion? Completely spot-on with regards to your comments about this mask versus a traditional mask. Jessica – my wife and I snorkel all over Florida and we are Florida natives so you guys are completely correct as far as the water temperature. With the head strap being the way it is made is it safe to say that a ponytail will work for the average long haired person? Proud of you guys I would have been in a shorty at least. Love the videos!!

  3. Pidasian Hippie

    i had to wear a full face respirator for many years in my job. When I first saw the mask I knew that you (Jody) would have issues with it sealing around the beard. It is an interesting design and might be good for someone like myself who has never snorkeled. Thanks for taking one for the team and jumping into such cold water.

  4. Denise Peterson

    I always wanted to snorkel but I always felt like I was drowning I think a full mask like this would be great for me.but I always wondered,how do you get air when you go completely under the water? is that thing exposed to stay out of the water?

  5. Gregory Lawrence

    Friend of mine brought a full face mask down to the Keys this past summer. Not sure of the brand but it looked exactly the same. I only got to try it for a few minute but the one thing I remember is distance distortion, meaning you could not accurately judge how far away an object was. Maybe it was just me and not enough time with this new mask, but that was my take.

  6. grahamh1967

    Cool Review Guys im sure there will be many more to come 😉 Snorkeling is something id love to do but T doesnt like the thought of wearing a mask so weve never really done any in the past except at Disneys Typhoon Lagoon swimming with the Sharks lol Thanks for sharing, Graham.

  7. Alan Campbell

    Great honest product review. I’m sure people will like to buy it. As for the water temperature in the Uk we wish we could have air temperature at 74 degrees let alone water temperature. Take care guys.

  8. DavesZed

    Great review, watched it purely because I wanted to see what you thought as we already have these masks (although without the GoPro attachment). We love them, used them in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Mexico (Caribbean) and also down your way in the Keys (Atlantic and Gulf). I'm not a great swimmer but feel so confident wearing this and have had some great views under the water.
    Keep up the good waork, and I hope to be back in the Keys again soon.

  9. Ray Kelly

    Good video.  I love a full face mask.  Love Sombrero Reef Light snorkeling also.  I just actually recommended snorkeling there to Tula"s Endless Summer.  Safe snorkeling.

  10. Nick Gregg

    I got one as a present and jumped right in the pool. The first thing i notice is that the rounded lens is a different look in the water over my normal flat faced dive mask. I wasn't expecting that. It made my pool look HUGE! It ended up being hard to keep looking though that "bubble" for very long. I think the one with the flat face mask might seem a bit more to what people are used too. That's just my 2 cents. Great Videos!

  11. DancingDutchman

    What are the pressure equalization characteristics with this Brand of Mask at depth?… Some of these videos have stated that with some Brands of Full Face Masks, you cannot grasp your nose to equalize at depth. You're relegated to the surface with this mask.

  12. craftyladydi

    Guys we watched a heart breaking update on the Keys. We knew something wasn't right about the water in the canals, MRSA , Meningitis, all the toxins in the trash leaching into the ground on the main road. People continue to lose their homes and jobs. I guess we will be looking for another place to vacation. :/

  13. Young Ellison

    god! our factory products!!!!!!! right? now have new products sir! if u Interested can contact me, I can send you detailed product information and factory information.

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