Private Property VS Personal Property – A False Dichotomy



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  1. Marianne Ancapikitty

    Also to note: the words personal and private are synonym terms. So, would word definitions and synonyms be subjective to socialists and communists?

  2. Sir white a lot the pagan preacher

    I love your persona because you are an anthropomorphic caponaut that has an intro reminiscent of a creepy pasta found footage intro if it were in an alternate universe where Japan became America adjacent.
    Seriously how did you get the idea for this channel? Its awesome

  3. Pip Santos

    Transferring ownership from an individual to a group does not solve the problem of scarcity. Why? Because satisfaction is a personal thing.

  4. Black Spruce

    Private property and personal property are the same thing. Anyone who tries to make a distinction between the two obviously has covetous intentions behind it.

  5. Scrotie McB

    4:21 To own something is to have dominion over it? I'd love to hear your attempts to explain how "dominion" isn't "governance." As I've been saying, ownership is government.

  6. Dixiecrat Ras

    God fucking dammit it! Even after hundreds of years of being debunked they still bring this BS up! I wonder how long it will take for these guys to fully understand that personal property and private property are synonymous.

    Hell, even Badmouse and a few other “libertarian” socialists declare that the differences between the terms are not in the dictionary but the cult of marxism itself has created!

    I assume that you support transhumanism through the common symbol of such ideology present on your helmet


    But what about the means of sexual reproduction tho. Those need to be socialize for the future existence of white memes. Srry just a fact totally not looking for free stuff pussy

  8. Aristotele il filosofo

    Property is just property. It can be employed for personal or private purposes. The same x good can be employed for both purposes according to the will of the owner. Thus to eradicate private property is to restrict the ability of individuals to employ their own properties. Since this is in violation of the concept of ownership itself, therefore communism is anti-ownership by nature.

  9. DarkeySirius

    You are wrong, that socialism haven't invented anything. The socialists can't stop inventing new meanings of words, which they don't like.

  10. Apple Pie

    Your argument would be valid if socialists claimed that the private vs personal dichotomy is something inherent to the object, which they do not. A hammer is referred to as a tool, but if it is used to commit murder then it is suddenly referred to as a weapon, even though absolutely nothing inherent to the hammer changes. The difference is in how it is used, just as it is with the distinction between private and personal property. Abolition of private property need not be accomplished by state expropriation (one can argue that this is just a transfer of ownership and not actual abolition). To continue with the analogy, it is illegal to murder people with a hammer, but the state does not implement this law by confiscating all hammers and making ownership of hammers illegal.

    At 3:22 you say "You are responsible for your own actions and therefore, by extension, anything which your actions produce. For that to not be the case, someone would have to control what you can and cannot do, which cannot be justified from an ethical standpoint" I find this quite funny because you don't actually believe this.

  11. ee L

    I heard from Marianne Ancapikitty that you are creating a windslayer private server.
    If this is true, let me know when the server opens.
    Now, many people are waiting for your news on the Korean community site.

  12. Polycube

    The term Possession is more often used by anarchists than Personal Property since the term property is often misunderstood to have similar ethical outlines as capitalist property. The Utilitarian Consequentialist ethics anarchism is based on is violated by Private Property since there are no ethical limits that prevent causing avoidable harm to otherwise peaceful people such as hierarchically claiming so much land that others suffer from lack of resources which usually results in being forced to submit to the owning classes authority in order to access workplaces/land/homes.

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