Post-PCT 2017 Gear Review

Hello! It’s a bit long at 20 minutes, but I hope this gives some of you an insight on a recently finished hike, and what a standard pack and its contents look like at the end.

I’m by no means top notch ultralight, but if you are curious, my baseweight ended up being around 10 pounds. I’ll settle for that for now.

I did not include my Sierras kit, but there is nothing out of the ordinary there.

Also, be careful how much Black Mirror you watch at night it’ll give you dark dreams.

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  1. metasequoia

    I just watched a Zpacks video on the Arc Series and they said that for 2017 they had reinforced sleeves for the carbon fiber stays- was yours a 2017 model or earlier? Nice video, thank you.

  2. Tanya Wood

    Thank you; Giving the PCT a shot 2018. Feel better about going for the Katabatic quilt 15degree now…and appreciated the comments on the wind shirt ( I am becoming convinced that are useful; no need for a baselayer with the Montbell trousers and the windshirt then?). Will go with msr groundhog minis, and plastic spoon too (I too have lost numerous ti sporks). . Can't decide on a pack but interested to see you can actually find a HMG in a store; is this common? (I am waiting to come to the US to try on packs before I buy; I currently have a shredding increasingly hole-ridden zpacks and totally agree with you about the fussiness; bits are always falling off and stays slipping out etc). So absolutely no extra clothes, apart from socks, at all? But you are right; too much agonising about gear and not nearly enough hiking…(because of way way too much working)

  3. Alex Rosenkrantz

    What about food & food prep? Plastic bottles leech chemicals into your water. No bueno. Thanks for the advice. That was helpful

  4. Michael Burgess

    You are going to have problems with any tent at 6' 4".  Manufacturers just don't make tents for people who are tall like you.  Luckily for me, I'm only 6' 1", and my SMD Skyscape Trekker (same weight as your tent) works great for me.  It's starting to wear out, But I think I can get another 30 days out of it again this year maybe more.  Good luck on your future hikes.

  5. MTrefiner

    As a rule, I like to have a sleeping bag rated 15-20° below the lowest temperature I plan to encounter. I've never found one that truly warms like advertised? A little temperature wiggle room is nice, I sleep on top if it's warm. I used the Sierra designs, 20° half bag, half quilt. the quilt is long enough to pull over your head if its cold. Good compromise. Pretty light. Had an open foot box, it's handy to adjust sleeping temp. I have to use a full length pad, as I'm a side sleeper, and my legs got cold with no pad under them. I can trade a little more weight, for experience changing comfort. IMHO. thanks for your gear usage!

  6. Kevin L

    I got an issue people perpetually replacing their Darn Toughs. If you put 1,000 miles on them and need new ones, for christ sake people just buy new ones.

  7. Jake Craner

    What size were your wind pants? I am 6'4" 180lbs, usually wear like a 32-34×36 pant. I was going to pick up some lukes ultralight custom sized, but I like montbell if they are long enough

  8. Phoenix Genesis

    I have worn my gas permeable contact lenses on all my PCT hikes, however I also brought my glasses so I could see to find my lost contacts! I would suggest having both. Contact solution can also be used on wounds to disinfect as needed. I prefer the Aqua Mira drops to the Sawyer Squeeze. My base weight on my 2017 PCT trip was also 10 pounds with my pack. That's a perfect weight to have all your survival essentials.

  9. Ryen Cosgro

    Haha hey I made the same exact pack switch in mammoth this year too, same problem with my arc blast. Loved my hyper light. Really appreciate the fresh gear review!

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