OnePlus 6 Review

The OnePlus 6 packs a stylish look and flagship-grade specs, but costs considerably less than iPhones and Galaxies. So… is it really as good as those phones?…

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  1. Born Boy

    1. Need to stay cheap like before. The cheaper the better.
    2. No need to copy Apple with that gesture BS.
    3. Screw the notch, gimme DUAL FRONT FIRING STEREO SPEAKERS.

    Optionally, can you include SD slot ? If the bigger storage model is quite cheap, I wouldn't mind the SD slot.

  2. Abd Rahman

    How to get rid of the notch design?? I think copying other design is bas.. Honestly OnePlus 6 is the device I intend to get one soon. No SD card slot, my pick is the 8/256 version to compensate.

  3. adriano raffaele

    This is a brilliant device. I have the OnePlus 6 base model. 64gb is a massive storage amount along with a whopping 6gb ram. Having the latest Qualcomm 845 and oxygen os shows in day to day use as it’s buttery smooth in everything I have put it through. At only £469 it’s less then half the price of most flagships in 2018.

  4. Liion B

    It may have the best camera for a Oneplus but it's not on the same level as the other top ones. For the price it's good though.
    And sorry but the notch just makes it the worst design from Oneplus…

  5. Brian West

    Come on man. Surely you don't really believe that glass is as durable as aluminum? You shouldn't even say something as stupid as that in your review when everyone knows glass isn't as durable as aluminum.

  6. Jim Jones

    Android needs to get rid of those on screen buttons they take up too much screen space. I liked when Samsung did capacitive buttons. Or just have hardware buttons on the side for back/forward/home/menu etc

  7. scipio africanus

    way too big as usual. when and from whom will we see a new compact phone?! i only see sony up until now…

  8. Samir Sarkar

    One of the biggest flaws of the OnePlus launcher is that it doesn't support infinite scrolling of the home screen, i.e. what LG or Samsung call Home screen looping. I hate it when the home screen gets stuck after scrolling..

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