OnePlus 6 Review: This is “The One”

Meet the OnePlus 6. The device that the company is dubbing as “the speed you need,” and also the boldest evolution that we’ve seen from the company in recent years. It’s arriving earlier than expected to an already crowded market, and this time with a slight bump in the price tag. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and to learn if the changes are worth all the hype, join us for our full review.


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  1. ankita gupta

    Will this phone work in europe as well with europe sims if I buy in India? Do i have to do unlocking separately? Please specify. Thanks.

  2. jalabi99

    Worst part of this phone: the notch. Even though you can hide it, it would have been much better if it weren't there at all.

    Best part of this phone: 3:27 3:31 and 6:31 πŸ™‚

  3. Rosy A.

    Dang pah you dint let me know, you had already soke of the one plus 6, speaker ducks but it is nice but how about the day of the pixel 3 may I know,

  4. Rosy A.

    I'm debating, if I should buy it cause man it is nice but I love a good speaker stereo, mm I'll see, thanks pa.

  5. Christopher Singh

    The BEST review I've ever seen of a phone!! Keep up the good work! @pocketnow

    PS. This serious looks like the one! BTW looking forward for the audio review, then I'll be making my choice!

  6. Fr3e3

    Any phone with a notch is a mega fail. I'll take the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s over this any day. Even the LG V30 looks 100x times better than this with the same screen to body ratio

  7. Gal

    No IP68/IP67? Still? WTH Oneplus.. The company confirmed it is splash proof..A flagship should be waterproof these days. IP68.
    For now the V30+ still is my favorite phone (along with the P20 Pro).

  8. utube123 hhh

    From the very 1st sec of the video, I can easily say it's pocket now review.
    They always have this home screen set up on every phone .. lol

  9. KennySalty #PRO NOOB

    Umm… Did Juan Bagnell leave? I loved his dedicated camera and audio reviews of flagship smartphones πŸ™

  10. Ed Ruiz

    At that current price given that there is no wireless charging or waterproofing for a glass construction this is not a great buy anymore. Given that the LG G7 will drop in price thanks to lackluster reviews like yours I would rather buy it than this and you can buy it through a carrier which is a more important feature for me.
    I also used to like your reviews but given that you have to say your name and now include your spouses breasts in every video is rather annoying. And please just state the obvious you guys are being compensated by One Plus. I for one am unsubscribing.

  11. Lee Squires

    I was interested in this phone but the second I saw where they put the only speaker, I changed my mind. What stupidity!

  12. Pedro Fernandes

    Am I the only one that realizes that the one plus price increase os basically following other brands price increase?

  13. Arthur Looby

    Nice. He actually understands that this isn't supposed to be compared to the most expensive phones. And it is a great an excellent phone for the price. No doubt.

  14. Anthony

    NEVER settle, except of course for a secondary camera, wireless charging, IP67 rating, dual speakers, non-proprietary quick charging, or expandable storage

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