OnePlus 5 Review – Should You Buy? | The Tech Chap

The OnePlus 5 is out now starting from £449/$499. But who really needs 8GB of RAM – can it compete with the Galaxy S8 – and is it worth buying? Buy:

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  1. glenn harrison

    I have heard it said that no Optical Image Stablisation shouldn't be a deal breaker. Well, I was looking forward to replacing my Huawei P8 Max but now I don't think I will. Why would I swap OIS for no OIS?

  2. KaceyChannel

    Just discovered your channel recently and totally love your insightful info and reviews. Can you please make a video of all tech devices you need in 2017? 😀 Big thumbs up from Thailand 😀

  3. samy cherai

    Hello I would like to buy this smartphone more I do not know if it is dangerous. If I order it on the official website, my package will not pass through customs and impose a tax of up to 20%, comments the have you ordered?

  4. Wild Heart

    Thanks for the review.
    Very helpful ;O)
    I had a Oneplus 3T but sold it, as I couldn't get it to sync with my Car Stereo, unlike the iPhones, or an Android Phone with Micro USB.
    I'm wondering whether USB C is the issue with that?
    If anyone has successfully managed it, I'd really appreciate finding out how you did it..Cheers :O)

  5. Brad Mylius

    everybody who hates on this phone is following bandwagon. yeah its not worth buying from a 3t but that could be said for each oneplus upgrade. its still got the best fingerprint reader, fastest charging and the actual UI is ridiculously fast. Who gives a shit if it doesnt have ip68 just dont drop your phone in fucking water.

  6. Nathaniel Bugeja

    I want to buy a new phone to upgrade from the s4 (probably any phone will be an upgrade haha) , and I have a tight budget of below 400 euros. I am not the heaviest user, and I like a phone that performs good at every aspect. Which phone would you recommend me? Thanks in advance for your suggestions, I really appreciate cause I am struggling to find the right one. Right now the OnePlus 3T is my number 1 pick.

  7. tai2691997

    This make the 3T a very interesting phone imo because the 5 didn't really add up to justify the price increase.

  8. Zdarr

    Hello! I have a Motorola Moto X (1st gen) which I bought in 2014. Now its camera doesn't work and the battery doesn't hold charge, the screen is still super beautiful and unscratched. I do want to upgrade, but I have a budget of around $500. What's the best phone in that price that takes some pretty good photos?

  9. Vision33r

    The S8 is only about $599 retail now and $499 at Best buy. The Tmobile deal is buy 1 S8 get 1 free on a new contract which makes is about $400 since it is $799 listed price.

  10. ash boxing prediction

    just got my one plus 5 from o2 great phone the software is fast no bloatware very impressed highly recommend

  11. Francisco Luis Santos

    Thanks, I have got the OP3 and was ready to buy the OP5, but was expecting a better screen, QHD…the fact that the screen is not a step change makes me think not worth the upgrade for now. I am really happy with the OP3 and now I am waiting for the step change with the OP6 🙂

  12. Francisco Herrera

    Jelly scrolling ruined this phone for me. Don't buy this phone if you are particular about display quality/UI Fluidity. I'll be returning mine shortly.

  13. Beastz

    At the moment I have a OnePlus 2 and I just really can't find a good replacement. It's just as fast as it was when I got it but I would like an upgrade- the OP5 just seems too expensive and for similar prices I can find the S8… But I hate Samsung's bloated software which slow the phone down over time however its specs and features are amazing. Tough choice.

  14. حسن بياكلكم

    what is the defferient between global version and the original or chinese version if im not wrong,
    and wich is better? and why global version is more expensive?
    please someone answer me ;/

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