NZXT Hue+ Unboxing, Installation and Review!

The Hue+ is an RGB LED strip to light up the inside of your PC. This is how to install it and use the software that controls it, in a pretty quick video. Also, you can meet my cat Arya Stark.

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    Thank you for actually doing a real "Installation" video. All of these other Tech Youtubers Haven't done a single real Installation video. This is Gold. Thanks for this. I will definitely be following this went I do my PC in May.

  2. Jehad Hamdan

    your videos are amazing, I believe you have the fractal design define R5 (which I have too). I am planning to start mudding my case base on your videos however my most components are red color and believe I will go with the red, do you know good cheap single LED color?

  3. Koushik Mondal

    my CAM software only detect 3 led strip, all 4 led strip glows when the computer starts but once login to cam software the 4th led strip turn off and the rest 3 led strip works like normal. I tried to install and re install the CAM about 20 times but didn't work anytime, even i did a complete format. OS-windows 8.1 pro 64bit

  4. rkoyou

    want to buy this and install but i worry i might get lost >.< never self attach or detach cpu stuffs and my cpu design and location is different from yours

  5. Matt Fairfield

    My buddy and I were JUST talking about doing a Star Wars themed build since my first PC is all white with black accents, and he said to stick a stormtrooper in the case. He also suggested having him repel down from the 24 pin cable connector hahaha xD

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