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Notel Ultimate Pickup-Truck and SUV Mobile Sleeping System

This sleeping solution uses raised platform systems that quickly and easily suspend to provide comfortable sleep in almost any vehicle

Camping has long been one of America’s most beloved pastimes, bringing people and nature together while creating memories. There are many challenges that come with sleeping in the great outdoors… We are here to make that experience more enjoyable.

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  1. cgcgundersen

    Boss sends text "Don't be late for the meeting" and you're just going roll out of bed in a truck and waltz in there all ready to rock? Stick to the camping story, that's much more plausible.

  2. HansumRob100

    That's one 4 1 person…. any cars today shud be built with seats which transforms into a sleeping area..

  3. joe woodchuck

    It's a cool idea as long as the vehicle support components are truly strong enough, and that the retail price doesn't kill it. I think I'd much rather be on this device than in a pickup bed with a cap on top. In an SUV you don't have that option anyway.
    We'll know more about it when some big retailer like Cabelas puts it on the showroom floor.

  4. Notel Service

    It has been an interesting year for us at Notel USA™ since the launch of our KickStarter campaign. We’ve closely followed our expected growth model and are continuously working to increase manufacturing capacity, without sacrificing quality.
    Recently, we’ve made a few structural changes to the system that has taken the mobile sleeper from a
    truck-only system to a fully adjustable device that fits nearly any vehicle: full and mid-size trucks, SUVs, vans, and even sedans now.

    With the rest of the year looking promising we are offering 4% and 8% rebate discounts to all customers who have purchased a Notel™ and to all future customers through the summer months June-August.

    Simply install the Notel™ system, take 3 photos with the system in use with vehicle type clearly shown in at least one photo, send the photos in with your order number and you will receive a 4% refund of your order back to you.
    For an 8% refund send in the 3 photos as well as a 10+ second video, again clearly showing the type of vehicle for a couple frames; this doesn’t have to be high professional quality, but standard quality.

    Photos and videos will be used on the official Notel USA™, LLC YouTube channel, Facebook and website.
    By accepting these terms and conditions you are allowing Notel USA™ to publish said photos and videos to the public.

  5. brandon wright

    Not practical at all kool idea. For the past one and a half years lol that’s like saying ima fuck you with my one inch dick for three secs like really.

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