New Products 4/29/2015

PLA/PHA bambooFill for 3D Printers – 1.75mm Diameter – 600g (0:05)

Toggle Clamp – Medium Size (0:50)

Adafruit PiTFT 2.4″ HAT Mini Kit – 320×240 TFT Touchscreen (2:32)

DotStar RGB LED Disk – 240mm diameter (5:15)

Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Breakout (8:30)

Adafruit METRO 328 without Headers (13:30)
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  1. TheZethera


  2. nemx4u

    How about you make an iot board that holds BLE (latest version) with URFID and a "coin battery" or smaller. The way it'll work is the rfid lights up by an external reader, when its read. it'll power up the ble. It should be soc so can be programmed.

    Purpose is saving power and still getting required info, must have a battery on board of course!

    How that sounds?

  3. ronald steele

    What I wantedhoped to see was an onboard pin to allow routing of PCB power through the onboard power regulator. Currently if you mounting the arduino onto a pcb board with other components you have to supply the arduino board combo via a power cord to the arduino. What I would like is to supply the board with power directly and then have that power flow through the arduino regulator thus providing stable regulated power to the whole board. This would allow custom projects to be of any size or shape to allow the power supply and sockets to be placed anywhere without the need to add cables and other stuff

    I always felt that it was a mistake that you can supply the arduino PCB with 5 or 3.3V regulated power via an onboard pin but you cant route power into the arduino via the onboard regulator chip using an onboard pin also.?

  4. jorenmartijn

    I wish more people would protest in the Netherlands like they did in your presentation 🙂 Oh and the PiTFT HAT looks awesome. 🙂

  5. Stein-Erik Dahle

    STOP ROTATING things like you're doing with the Metro!!! IT'S EXTREMELY ANNOYING! I'm trying to look at this thing, but it's IMPOSSIBLE because it's ROTATING and it's rotating WAY TO FAST!

  6. Thijs van Beers

    The Metro is really cool and it look's pretty awesome too, but black soldermask is very annoying when you want to see the traces. With it being kind of a more hackeble version of the Uno, I think you should make it a different color. Maybe make them the color of a NY metro line, that would be cool!

  7. Jack Stevens

    What is the output of those LEDs? I'm looking for options for my winter indoor garden. Tomatoes and such.

  8. Tenderlinez

    hi,have you guys ever heard of  a (microsd nfc card) ? an if yes do you know where i can find where to get one that is open source ?

  9. Oxizee

    Ive bought an Adafruit PiFTF 2.4 HAT. Soldered everything and its working great. The only things is, you have a right angle 26pins connector (vs 40 pins from the PI). Is there some datasheet which what pin is from that 26 pins connector? Ive ordered also an MOD-1016 Lightning Board, its needs 2 pins for power and ground and 2 pins for SDA & SCL. I dont know what those 26pins are and that mod1016 need to be connected also. ?

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