New Products 4/19/2017

Rugged Metal On/Off Switch – 19mm 6V RGB On/Off (0:14)

Rugged Metal Pushbutton – 19mm 6V RGB Momentary (0:14)

Rugged Metal On/Off Switch – 22mm 6V RGB On/Off (0:14)

Rugged Metal Pushbutton – 22mm 6V RGB Momentary (0:14)

Wii controller (Nunchuck / Wiichuck) (3:30)

Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE with Headers – Assembled (4:06)

Pibow Zero W Case for Raspberry Pi Zero W (5:38)

Pimoroni Touch pHAT for Raspberry Pi Zero (7:29)

Pimoroni Four Letter pHAT for Raspberry Pi Zero (9:13)

BBC micro:bit Go Bundle (10:41)


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  1. S Mitchell

    I want a PiZero LiPo Hat that powers the pi when not pluged in and when the pi is plugged in it charges the battery, it must use spi interface to show battery info

  2. null gat

    a 2×80 header so you can butt a hat next to the pi, also a gpio shim board so you can set the pi and hat next to each other. also more frosted plastics and led diffusers. stocking some justboom and the various other dac/amp hats

  3. MyBigThing2010

    "low enough every kid can get one" …do 30 something year olds count as a "kid?" …cuz for some reason (and I'm cheap and picky) about buying this stuff cuz it gets expensive really fast…but for some reason I kinda REALLY want a micro:bit and I'm thinking $16.50 might be going in the direction of adafruit for one …I think it would be kinda fun and from what I've seen a retarded sloth could program one of them…so I think I might be able to do it too HAHA

  4. Yaro Kasear

    Oh, those vandal-resistant RGB switches! I could find some sort of use for those on my deliberately overpriced computer build since Caselabs cases use those kinds of switches… May need to figure a way to control the RGB through software…

  5. Gadgetoid

    <3. Cannot thumbs this up enough. I guess it's like the skater equivalent of getting a high five from Tony Hawk 😀 Wish I could actually skateboard though!

  6. Matt Price

    I'm thinking that Touch Phat plus pi0w could be a wireless midi controller that could clip to a guitar strap to trigger samples/drum loops, etc.

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