New Products 11/1/2017 @adafruit #adafruit

Hammer Header Female – Solderless Raspberry Pi Connector (0:07)

Single Hammer Header Male – Solderless Raspberry Pi Connector (0:07)

Pimoroni HyperPixel – 3.5″ Hi-Res Display for Raspberry Pi (1:34)

Adafruit ATSAMD09 Breakout with seesaw (3:13)

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  1. Devo Castler

    asking as a complete noob to the whole PCB and soldering scene, how would one "hammer" those pins into the holes? with an actual (assuming rubber) hammer?

  2. Mike L

    Is the hyper pixel "plug & play"? Do i any software/drivers to run the entire display or just for the 'touch' aspect of the display?

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