New Products 10/04/017 @adafruit #adafruit

New nEw NEWs From Adafruit (0:18)

Bipolar Transistor Kit – 5 x PN2222 NPN and 5 x PN2907 PNP (1:02)

Micro USB to Micro USB OTG Cable – 10″ / 25mm (1:52)

10″ Bluetooth Keyboard – Black (3:50)

Ladyada’s x0xb0x Synth Kit – PCB Set (6:01)

Adafruit Joy FeatherWing for all Feathers (7:02)

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  1. Nindota

    If I new anything about how to properly use & set up hardware, I'd probably use the JoyWing Feather in some kind of 3ds-like emulation system. If I knew how to create software, I'd try to figure out how to run anything from arcade games, to stuff like PS2, 3ds, or gamecube.
    But I don't know anything about that stuff, so I can't really make it happen.

  2. Michael Sanders

    I like the concept of the featherwing with the buttons, but it seems a bit unusable from a physical standpoint.. If i want to mount this to an enclosure, i either have to have alot of the joystick sticking out so i can get to the buttons, or not access the buttons easily (or thru a big hole). Maybe split off the joystick via cable as an option?

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