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  1. Rico La

    I don’t have a problem with the mouse. Plug it in at the end of the day or on break or at a meeting or on the toilet or at lunch. How hard IS that???

  2. Alexx Paul Sherman

    Bezel of this size isn’t an issue. People are gonna mad over bezels. The performance is more important

  3. JDW

    Like others have intelligently said here, I too agree that Apple won't do much with the iMac this year in 2018. They want to milk as much as they can from the iMac Pro. Apple will be sorely disappointed, of course, since most people cannot afford the iMac Pro even though most of us really want it. But I also know Apple is far too arrogant to eliminate their icon of worship — the Apple logo. Indeed, it's because of that arrogance the chin continues to exist. Apple cares more about keeping the logo on the front of the iMac than they do about eliminate bezels and the chin. It's really true. If Johnny Ive wants to prove me wrong, he need only come out with a near bezel-less iMac to prove I am wrong. And at that point, I would happily bow my head in shame.

  4. tz i

    i'd really like to see NVIDIA graphics at least as an option, especially with the Pro-series, like iMac Pro, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, just that CUDA library is so much better. But considering nvidia's price and Apple has been developing their own "library" for AMD graphics, that probably won't happen.
    For work, I have a 4x GTX 1080Ti for heavy computation stuff, and a 2013 Mac Pro for regular stuff, I feel like Apple's desktop "Pro-s", with the exception of MBP, are in a very awkward position, they can't do heavy computations, but are overpriced for regular work, and what's worse is they're not upgradable!!!

  5. SevenDeMagnus

    Hi. Thanks. It's probably made of some kind of glass, semi see through and more than 27", so when you're in 5K native resolution, the fonts wouldn't be too small. God bless, Proverbs 31

  6. Vladimír Petija

    Not true actually. Because where would they put the camera? There is not enough space. The only way I see it is having a notch over the frame.

  7. Rince wind

    Im not buying imac again, severall runs of the imac have had serious problems with the display, like dust and ghosting. Might be due to the heat generated by the GPU that is placed directly behind the display

  8. BirdFusion

    I think it would be pretty neat if Apple made the new iMac with the structure of the iMac G4.
    A super thin display attached with an adjustable arm that goes to the base that contains all the main gear.

  9. Eriogls YT

    You got the front a tiny bit wrong. Apple will ALWAYS put branding on the front. It would
    probably go where it says AirPower.

  10. JustINgame

    they should first repair their current equipment. I have the MacBook pro 2017 13 inch with touchbar and have problems with Adobe Indesign and Illustrator because the CPU / GPU is not working properly and it starts to flicker when I create vector graphics.

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