Net Neutrality: Response To Jim Sterling (Jimquisition)




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  1. ShortbusMooner

    Thank you for the in-depth opposing view point. Of course I've only been bombarded with pro-NN, thus far.
    My question is: what about the folks out in BFE that only have one cable/internet supplier? Won't they be pretty much fukked?

  2. Shane Killian

    These people are acting like NN has always been the case, when it wasn't even put into effect until the end of 2015. So what about the 24 years of the web BEFORE then?

  3. Shane Killian

    8:45 – Ask this guy to check OpenSecrets and see which party Comcast, AT&T, etc. donated to in 2016. Hint: it's NOT the Republicans! They were MASSIVE Hillary supporters!

  4. HArp De DArp Dooweee

    "Mindless consumer of said propaganda"

    I mean did you ever see his response on GamerGate? Fedora wearing drone is putting it lightly

  5. Darth Nox

    Internet monopolies and oligolopolies are caused by government granted privileges. But pretty much any monopoly or oligolopy ever formed similar to that.

  6. Ancap Zombie

    Funny thing is that "throttling" could be beneficial to the consumer. Already fast-loading low-data websites can be slowed down to make way for high data sites like any video-based site. Most people I know would tolerate some websites taking a half-second longer to load to reduce buffering time for videos.

  7. Dr Demento

    Here's how it works: Internet service is priced ''one price, all you can eat'' in terms of how much data gets pulled through the ''pipe''. That worked fine for a long time… Until streaming video, which pulls a LOT of data through that ''pipe''. Oh, and for those who want their ''4K hi-def streaming Netflix'' which multiplies that huge amount of video data? If Jim wants to fill a swimming pool who should pay for all that extra water? Jim should_, because it should be reflected in _Jim's (and only Jim's) water bill. Netflix (and Jim) wants a free ride on everybody's else's back – like yours, and mine.
    Netflix (and all the other streaming services) is shifting costs – onto you, in the form of higher bills for your internet service. If Jim wants his PREMIUM ''4K streaming Netflix'' (which is exactly what he said in that previous video) he should pay a PREMIUM price for it – not me and not you.

  8. Esoteric Entity

    Heads up: If you spam 20 comments saying the same thing, and it's all a copy paste of a 5 chapter long essay of misunderstanding the government, FCC, and how the market works; don't expect your comment to stay up.

  9. Jack Black

    So what happens if Net Neutrality dies is it going to turn into a bundled website service kind of like cable TV because thats what ive been hearing

  10. Jeremiah Catingub

    Sorry, mate. No matter what the potential benefits are, potential risks outweigh it. I live in a country where mobile companies are paid so your phone is charged differently for access to facebook, youtube, instagram, twitter, etc… And that does not include general internet access.

    Access to these social media sites are bundled into 24 hour to 7 day or even 1 month packages.

    Not fun. And I wouldn't want that same thing on desktop. I'm happy with my net neutrality, thank you.

    I support net neutrality because it is stable. It is predictable. Low reward, yes. But much lower risk of abuse. While it is true, companies will have a tendency to fail when put up against competition that provides better service for cheaper, that holds merit with net neutrality in place as well without. So there is no need to remove it.

  11. Nodakkian

    Holy shit this tit has the charisma of a brick, probably just a teen going through his AnCap phase, you guys shouldn't be so rough on him in the comments

  12. Swythe Quirksettle

    Not to mention there are a few block chain protocols and wifi protocols on the way that would render old ISP gateway systems pretty much obsolete. Any form of centralized control of the web would be a wasted venture.

  13. SimGunther

    If ISPs wanted more infrastructure (which is the whole point of the FCC's argument on removing Net Neutrality), why did they only spend <1% of the money they got out the NII legislation in 1991 (courtesy of Al Gore) on improving their infrastructure while they spent 5% of that money on lobbying and pocketed the rest? Sounds like they want their cake and eat it too. Also, I would want it to be where there aren't zoning laws that make certain areas only have a single ISP for 15+ years, but I'm assuming that problem is created by ISPs lobbying for such laws to pass just so state/local governments get more money just like console-exclusive deals that only benefit one single console. Sure, you can make your own console/ISP, but will most like will get squashed by the big ISPs & problem-shifting lobbying from such ISPs. In this case, Hulu could benefit largely from not having Netflix traffic go through Comcast servers w/o allowing Netflix to have its traffic to go through unless Netflix paid a large amount of money to do such a thing.

    Meanwhile, Comcast removed their Net Neutrality prompt on their website a few days ago when you say that Comcast is for Net Neutrality @3:53. I smell great contradiction around these parts.

    Also, according to this list of congressmen who received "contributions" (aka bribes) from ISPs ->

    It's likely, but not a guarantee, that Net Neutrality will be voted out of office unless the house of senate wanted to block the repeal after passing the house of congress. Sad to say if it wasn't for Ajit Pai getting hired in the Obama administration, Ajit wouldn't have been promoted to the chairmen of the FCC by Trump. But hey, why trust the FTC to have checks & balances when the ISPs could just put a change of TOS email to its customers saying they'll block/throttle a site whenever they want and be unscathed thanks to the repeal of Net Neutrality come December 14th?

  14. Dénes Kun.

    As far as i know you need to move to another part of america to change isp so if you dont want to move you cant swap isp. In that way they dont need to adapt to customers and they dont need to worry about any other company taking their place (im not trolling or something, just trying to get this whole thing)

  15. MrGeno86 Geno

    But if there's no other ISP, then what's from stopping them from slowing down internet speed and forcing you to pay extra for speed you already had? If they're the only ISP in your area, you have no choice. I'm not trying to be a smart ass or anything. I'm just asking.

  16. MrGeno86 Geno

    Wait nvm…. I just looked it up and I have like…. 2 other providers I can use "Fuck! one of which is cheaper and faster than what i'm using right now!" lol Bring on that big bad free market! Hell! Maybe AOL will make a come-back!

  17. fats mcgee

    if we're limited to very few to one isp(s) then what's stopping these networks from doing whatever they want if you can't switch. also many of the companies "supporting" net neutrality only say they do for pr, since they've done anti-net neutrality things before it was enacted (biggest example being when comcast throttled netflix connections). if net neutrality goes, they'll go ahead and do what they want, not lower prices for their "competition" oh wait there's none. your viewpoint about being anti net neutrality would be more valid if there wasn't zoning laws.

  18. Kori Harpoon

    Well when net neutrality is killed we will see if it will be if it will be good or bad. I think it will be bad but I will wait for the effects till I make final judgement. However things do look pretty grim if net neutrality is killed.

  19. Kek Gaming

    #FuckYou #SaveTheNet

    I'm sorry, but Net Neutrality is GOOD. What you're saying is ABSOLUTELY WRONG, and, to use your own words against you, a simple fucking Google search will literally prove you wrong. Net Neutrality is the ideal that ISPs should treat all data on the internet equally. This, of course, gives everyone an equal playing field, which OBVIOUSLY creates competition and spurs innovation. Get your furry ass oc outta here. On top of that, why would an ISP slow service? Because they're competitive fuckwads, and it HAS in fact happened, and WILL happen again, again, the tiniest bit of research kills your statement.

  20. Kek Gaming

    Comcast literally fucking throttled connection to Netflix, this fucking year, till Netflix paid Comcast more money. You fucking furry ass piece of shit, the FCC is stupid. NN needs to STAY, god, how can you literally be this stupid? I bet you're a republican.

  21. Alaethancar

    Your primary argument is fundamentally flawed. In order for people to move to a new ISP, there has to be an alternative ISP available, which wont happen with the effective oligarchy we have between the big 3. It's not the govt regulations that let Verizon, Att and Comcast set their prices in a way to fuck the consumer over without having to improve service. It's a mutual understanding between the businesses themselves. They've as much as admitted it themselves.

  22. shadowx089

    You are clearly the other 10% that are in opposition to keeping net neutrality. Though I think your understanding on how businesses work is very situational and doesn't really apply. I do think there is a lot of fear mongering. Situations exist where prices can be set higher for areas that have no choice, no alternative. Obviously a company wants to be competitive, but you forget companies can work together to reach a high profit margin. The airlines have been known to work together at times and conveniently raise ticket prices together with no reasoning. Their are plenty of examples of big businesses working together to reach a higher level of economic success. It's highly likely that that if internet companies do start becoming like how the fear mongering…fears. It will be a result of the internet providers agreeing to create similar packages for higher margins. They would obviously not do this if they know their competitor is not on board. Assuming they have a competitor in their region. I will just wait and see who is right over time.

  23. Aaron Brown

    So you agree that the "free market" can't operate in the ISP business, under current regulations.
    ISPs have a record of slowing down traffic of specific websites, even after such companies have paid multiple ISPs a ransom to speed up their traffic again.
    So you think the other regulations are going away also, or you agree that there will be no market competition.
    Comcast is an octopus. Cable, phone, internet, NBC, Universal, including Comcast Newsmakers, Comcast Network, Comcast SportsNet, SportsNet New York, MLB Network, Comcast Sports Southeast/Charter Sports Southeast, NBC Sports Network, The Golf Channel, Syfy, and USA Network, ESPNU and ESPN3, E!, Oxygen, Golf Channel, NBCSN, Universal Kids, Bravo, and the regional Comcast SportsNets. When Comcast took majority ownership in NBCUniversal, a number of cable networks were added to this list, NHL Network…
    Comcast regularly receives some of the worst satisfaction and customer service ratings. Why haven't they gone out of business yet?

  24. N A P

    @6:13 I think what Jim meant was that Comcast owns Hulu a competitor to Netflix, so they would throttle Netflix to try and get rid of competition to Hulu to get people to switch (some people are subscribed to both Netflix and Hulu). With the popularity of Netflix I highly doubt this would happen without massive backlash.

  25. Cure For Libtardation

    Net Neutrality Advocates don't have factual arguments, and they ignore all of the economics.

    Net Neutrality is as neutral as AntiFa isn't fascist.


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