M&P 2.0 Compact Holster Goes Both Ways?! (COUPONS!)

Awesome Appendix Carry Holster for the M&P 2.0 Compact!!
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Today we’re looking at the Las Concealment Ronin 2.0. This holster fits both my Custom M&P 2.0 and my M&P 2.0 compact.

This Appendix Carry Holster is fitted to work with the Inforce APL-C, Trijicon RMR, and threaded barrel or compansator


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  1. x.adam1 . . .

    I became a Patreon because you've now caused me to get a Polymer 80 over the Thanksgiving holiday and now this holster. I just completed the PF40Cv2 and set a nice RMR on it. Since you're becoming expensive to watch I need to save somehow. Keep those coupons coming.

  2. Darrell Wiegand

    Hell yeah man! Your videos when you get jazzed takes a company from quick turnaround to 4 weeks out. They better be ready!

  3. allahalla13

    You said this holster was your new favorite holster. I've been looking at getting the tac lab MTR holster (without the k-bar tdi section) what do you think this holster does better than the tac lab one?

  4. julius rowe

    On 2.0 what slide would you recommend if you wanted to run a trijicon rmr type 2? Also which holster would you recommend for the compact 2.0 if I wanted to run to run the same setup trijicon rmr type 2?

  5. Eugene Tucker

    I just grabbed the saya-c and the rampart with your coupon code. Thanks man!! If you can pick them up and do a review on them.

  6. James Hicks

    You said you may go all out on the M&P C, please DO IT! I got the 19 to customize after alot of your videos, but back peddled to the M&P C since my glock was slide worked by glock sanctioned company (legal manufacturing) and that pisses off the "purist" so its cool to aggravate them with. Id buy 2 items for my C off your coupon codes prob more depending on what all you choose.

  7. dave black

    I dig the review, and I handled the M&P Compact yesterday, which I like. I have to ask, though, do you know if Maple Leaf is going to be accepting slides for custom work on the compact version any time soon? I saw their new "carry" variants to their machining patterns, and I really like them, but it looks like they are only supporting the Glock platform currently…bummer :-/ Always wanted a customized gun, but it seems like the M&P pistols don't have the same amount of "stuff" you can do to make them unique. It may just be that I haven't found the right folks yet. Please advise? Thanks for the review!

  8. 32icon

    Why when people try on holsters they twirl around with this hands up in the air? No one walks with their hands up in the air. It's not realistic. Twist, turn, walk, reach for something, bend over, etc. That's more realistic. Anyway, nice video…just had to say that! Happy holidays.

  9. Kevin Jones

    I've got the 2.0 compact with the apex flatty trigger and trijicon hd xr sights. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I've shot both the full size and compact and can't tell the difference on the range. Compact makes more sense to carry edc.

  10. Andrew Black Martinez

    I just picked up my 2.0 compact and I wanted to get that light you have mounted, what is the exact model light you have on yours? I just want to make sure I get the correct one.

  11. Rich R

    how about the apex duty trigger for that 2.0 compact? 😉 Did you notice the striker block being a little gritty? If so, did it go away after running some rounds through it? I haven't had a chance to shoot mine yet… had mine for 2 months. WTF? haha

  12. Fish R Relaxing

    Something else I’ve noticed.. most glock holster will fit most other similar guns long as they can be retentioned. Same goes for mag carriers.. blocked seem to be just blocky enough that they will accept most others and glock mags are the thickest mags. This really opened up options when you have pistols that don’t have the same aftermarket support.

  13. BigBadWolf11B

    What do you think about running a full size APL (gen 3) on the M&P 2.0 Compact? And will the full size APL fit in this Ronin holster on either the full size or compact 2.0?

  14. rob s

    have any recommendations on range day holsters that would accommodate the tlr1 for the compact 2.0? seeing this and hearing other reports lead me to think that the compact will fit all the full size…. but don't wanna spend $70 on a holster and then won't fit.

  15. Brian McKinny

    Throw an Apex and some sights on that M2.0 and leave it alone after that. It's good to go. Not every gun has to be the firearms version of a slammed Honda Civic… 😛 Keep it stock after you shitcan the trigger and replace the sights. My two cents, bro.

  16. Brian McKinny

    I have botht he M2.0 Compact and the Shield. 45 – the Shield has an awesome trigger, right out of the box – even better than the M2.0 by far. My Shield 45 pulls at 4.5lbs every time. And I'm 6'3" tall and have large hands – the .45 Shield is a winner because I can fit a full grip on it with the flush mag. No other single stack can I say that about. Give it a try, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

  17. whatsthatbigbuttondo

    So I have a 2.0 compact and a Taran mag extension. It doesn't fit because it hits the backstrap tool piece. But since you have it on your full size, does the extended full-size mag fit in the compact? Also with or without the sleeve. I like the idea of having a 20+ mag for my 2.0 compact 🙂

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