Motorola Moto E4 Plus Review

With the introduction of this year’s Moto E4, Motorola added a Plus variant, with a higher-resolution camera sensor and a massive, 5,000 mAh battery. It seems that, for the first time in the line’s existence, it may have its own heavy-hitter all while not breaking the bank. Let’s take a closer look at it and see what it’s about.

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  1. ronch550

    I think this phone is just fine. It's right where you expect it to be for $200. That's not saying it's bad: definitely not an S8 or iPhone 8 killer but camera performance isn't bad at all and the battery is truly great. I have this phone, and while it can't beat my Samsung S2's OLED display, it's actually pretty good. Performance isn't great if you play demanding 3D games but for light gaming like Subway Surfers it'll do very well.

  2. Jeff Bengco

    i dont understand why you bashing saying negative comments on a budget Moto E4 plus. Pix shown are good but the reviewer said it was bad i dont get it

  3. Sebastian J

    Nice Phone Overall…Bit When I Checked The Specs On BoostMobile.Com~One Rather Disappointing Thing Is With All The Great Specs…I Can't Believe They They Couldn't Do Better Than A Quadcore Processor…And A 427 At That…Why In Bloody Hell Not A Qualcomm/Snapdragon 435/64 Bit OctaCore Processor…Like In My Ever Splendid LG Stylo 3 And My New ZTE MAX XL??

  4. Bza Sailo

    Hello! Moto E2 user here, I need to upgrade and help me out here guys..
    My priorities are mostly for browsing, YouTube, online chess, social media , no gaming and occasional camera use so big battery life and decent display is a must here. Will Moto e4 plus 32gb, mediatek (9500 INR) be the best pick for my needs, or do I get much better user experience from Lenovo p2 (13500INR, only gold available now) ?
    Thank you

  5. asd

    I have this phone for a month now and and has been awesome. Battery life is just great and it covers up some flaws: when i watch videos on facebook, it can really annoy with cuts and stutters. The second bad thing, somehow google chrome suddenly started to be very slow but i have not checked what seems to be the problem. And another thing. In whats app, started to stutter as well. But let me tell you, this battery is great thing, I just don't think about charging phone that often and thats really nice.

  6. ciara brown

    I don't agree with this review, I watching your review on a Moto E4 plus & I watch loads of bids & play games on it and I have had no issues. In fact, when I go to use my Amazon Kindle fire HD, I notice the Moto E4 plus's screen is far superior

  7. harsha vardhan reddy

    This is one of the worst phone I have never seen.pls don't buy this.
    U will face many problems respective software

  8. mboiko

    Picked up the Moto E4 Plus for just $99 at Target….it's a no brainer…how many other phones have a 5000mAh battery and will run on just about any carrier. It's fast enough unless you're a gamer and the 720P 5.5" screen looks fine to me. Have it on MetroPCS/T-Mobile now for just a flat rate (no taxes or extra fees) of $30/month w/2GB. With Xfinity hotspots all around these days don't even use the carrier's data much anymore. Even have it setup for wireless it!

  9. Lock up Your daughters

    If I know anything about phone reviews, this wasn't one of them. This was just a video bashing a $150 budget phone. You are a person who uses a high end phone as a daily driver, yet you're here reviewing a medium spec budget phone and expecting it to rival the likes of the galaxy s8 or the iphone X. Obviously its not going to compete with phones of those caliber.
    Trust me, this is a good phone for the price. Its a budget phone. It costs $150, its not gonna have the same features as a highend flagship phone. If it did, it would cost the same.

  10. K Razor

    It works and does what a phone should do,and also saves me anywhere from $200-800 that I would have to spend on another device. SOLD!!

  11. Dustin

    Just got this phone, and I love it! Everything that I use regularly runs well, and it the battery lasts forever. The camera is not great, but definitely adequate. I love that it doesn't come with a bunch of pre-installed apps that I will never use like a lot of other phones do. Great phone for the money. I'm typing this from the phone now. I switched from a much more high end phone because I was sick of constantly having to charge, and I really haven't noticed much of a difference in performance. If you never want to worry that your phone isn't going to last the day (and are sick of messing with portable chargers), then get this phone! It's solid, well made, and works great. $500+ phones are for suckers. I paid $170 for the 32 gb version. And it's unlocked so I can use with any carrier.

  12. Sadhu bansode

    I am asking one question . Moto e 4 plus mobile in hotspot connection status not show. Who connected khow, so plz make solve my problem

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