Mooer GE200 – Line 6 POD Killer? | In-Depth Review / Metal Demo

5:30 Random jamming with some presets
7:30 Pros and cons
11:43 Dialing in a metal tone
20:08 Final words

Finally I have the Mooer GE200 on the channel which has been requested so many times by you guys! Hope you enjoy this video, if you do, make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already!

Cab IR’s used: (SM57 grille/cone)

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  1. Soulhenge Gear Reviews

    I know it's a long video guys, but I really wanted to give you all my thoughts. Here are some shortcuts:
    5:30 Random jamming with some presets
    7:30 Pros and cons
    11:43 Dialing in a metal tone
    20:08 Final words

  2. Tamsin Mc Cormick

    The real reason you are not getting Octave with -8 is because there are 12 semitones in an octave – Count them on your guitar
    Play an open string – any open string and then play the note on the "twelfth" . You will find that the pitch shift goes down to … wait for it -12 !! Huzzah !!

  3. Tamsin Mc Cormick

    For anyone on this thread :- An octave is 12 semitones not 8 which is what an OCTave is in full tones . The Pitchshifter on this device goes up or down 12 semitones . It is easy to workout which note is 8 semitones above or below the one you are playing !!

  4. Jamie Chorley

    Really great video. I have to say watching you tweak the unit, I had a really different experience with it. No matter what, I hadn't been able get rid of the clipping, no matter which parameter I tweak, including the input gain. On the flip side, I haven't had any of the latency issues that you seem to be having. Moore's support software/drivers (especially for the Mac) seem pretty poor.

  5. Cj Naotda

    I think pod HD500x and Amplifi TT are still better. Thanks for the review. I hope you'll review the Line 6 amplifi TT too man.

  6. Bartosz Stachowiak

    Mooer should pay you for this video. After watched, I bought my GE200. For this price quality is mind-blowing…

  7. JackstandJohnny

    I hate having to push 2 footswitches to get a tuner. Theyre too far apart. Its like this wasnt built to be used with your foot or for live performance.

  8. Matt C

    If you want to hook this up to a head/cab do you just use a cable going from the Mooer and the return of the fx loop? You can't do the 4 cable method with this?

  9. jamesha175

    pod killer? i'm going to say no. i have an original red bean pod which i run into an original 18watt atomic tube amp which was designed to be used with the original pod. yalls want a serious marshall, fender or vox emulation? pod is the man …. how about a serious hiwatt, orange or mesa emulation? what! all of the above. + effects.
    25 years later and the original line6 red bean pod still kicks the ass of all subsequent amp modellers. so MOOER? suck it!

  10. * WOLVERINE *

    What a concept, an honest review including product shortcomings and FX that suck, instead of all sugar and fluff reviews like these other guitar channels capitalizing on the gullible to waste money. This product is not for me but your channel is. Sub +1

  11. dvaoa

    Using a downtuned guitar and just chugging on the low E string to assess mic voicings is useless in that sub-sonic realm. Try some open chords instead or some riffs higher up on the neck.

  12. hollywoodactress

    Hi there, been watching your channel recently and wanted to ask you for advice.
    Do you think a pod x3 bean is better for practicing at home and light recording than getting bias jam up for ipad and an interface?
    I do care about the sound of the guitar when practicing, so getting the most real tube amp feel/sound would be my main aim.
    Any advice?

  13. irvan36mm

    Would be nice if there were 2 more switches for presets,rather than an up and down button.
    Other than that, sounds like it would make a decent fly rig.

  14. Eric Zurcher

    That amp model sounds fantastic. The delay and reverb you dialed in was pretty nice, too. The cons are pretty huge though. If they rectified those, this would be an amazing product.

  15. matt wood

    You mentioned the latency? Do you still get latency? I don’t care how it sounds if it has noticeable latency I’m out

  16. rpf23543

    thanks for the very detailed review and the honest and critical feedback. Really appreciate that since most of reviews are always far too positive…

  17. dale li

    Hey Bro, been following your channel for a few months, nice vids! I also bought the GE200, its a nice unit!
    However I dont really know how to hook it up to my scarlett 2i2 ,
    which is used as my PC's sound card and connected to a pair of monitor.

    I saw you only have USB connection in the video, would you mind sharing how you hook it up?
    Basically I tried connecting the Mono output of GE200 to my scarlett 2i2 at "line" input, using the direct monitor feature, but the volume is super low.
    I am sure something is wrong in this setup, cuz the GE200 have normal volume when they are directly connected to the monitor

  18. alberto piccioni

    Does these things work good with good headphones? I play mostly with headphones 80% of the time… I don't need tons of effects but it seems that these are the more tiny cheap piece of gear you can't go wrong for home playing..?

  19. Anthony Roberts

    Can you please review some of the mooer preamp pedals with the radar aswell? I want to see if you can get a periphery type tone from them similar to what you built in this video??

  20. Paulo Poça

    Excellent review, very detailed and honest. the GE200 may not have the fancy features that the big boys have, but in my opinion the amp and cab sims are top notch, especially for Metal sounds. 5 stars to your review and 5 stars to this mini beast called GE200. Cheers m/

  21. 001mladen

    hi! i have a Nova System connected direct to mixer for small live shows. Its good but it doesnt have amp models and some stuff…. is this pedal better or more versatile? is it worth to sell Nova System and buy this for small gigs?

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